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Finding Myself

Posted: 11/7/2011

I was in 6th grade. People would write things on the bathroom walls about me. I saw a note on the ground in from of my locker saying "nobody wants you alive". I was scared. I started cutting myself and I started barely eating anything. On the bus all the seats would be filled up except the one next to me. The bus driver would say "sit with her" and he would say "I would never sit with that"

People told me to die and one time I thought about running away. I packed my stuff together but I couldn't do it, I would stay loyal to my family. It stopped for a while but got worse in 7th grade when i transferred to a different school. I got pushed down the stairs and shoved in the halls. I would see comments on the internet about how ugly and fat i was. And that was when it hit me.

I started getting into a depression and i never came out of my room. One day at school i was thinking bout hurting myself when i would get home that evening and a  girl came up to me and said hi. No one had really talked to me in almost 3 months and that one word, HI, it stopped me from everything - the pain, the dread, the worries, everything.

We are friends to this day.

Don't be a bystander, because it happens to everyone.

What if it was you?

By: Christyna

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