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Posted: 11/22/2011

Imagine waking up and you’re the target they want
Imagine walking into a black hole you once called school
Imagine thinking the reasons behind the words that were said to haunt
Imagine the black hole entering your home, now it’s not right

Imagine being pushed into a locker filled with hatred and shame
Imagine doors that use to keep you safe suddenly shut
Imagine what life would be like without tormentors gaining fame
Imagine that your knife for food is now being used to cut

Imagine what life would be like with no emotions
Imagine walking in the dark with no light in sight because your head is put down
Imagine life crashing down; each time hitting new obstacles causing more commotion
Imagine people asking where your smile is because all you can show is a frown

Imagine the only light you notice is in the clouds
Imagine not having the strength to speak your voice
Imagine thinking leaving the world will make people proud
Imagine cowards wanting you to make this choice

Imagine putting yourself in the shoes of a person who has been through this
Imagine being a parent and knowing your child only thought peace was available through death
Imagine being a bystander and speaking up was an opportunity you missed
Imagine what this world would be like if these kids didn't take their last breath.

By: Elysse

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