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Posted: 12/20/2011

Many people out there do not believe bullying is a problem because they have never been in that situation before. Something that makes people feel sad or puts someone down should never be allowed. I have seen bullying in person before, and it is something that I hate a lot. My friend was getting made fun of, and the bully kept saying bad things about him. My friend had tears coming from his eyes, and it just saddens me to see such a thing. My friend and I decided to do something about it so that I would never have to see my friend like that ever again. When the bully was picking on our friend again, this time we would step in and stop him. We stood up to that bully and told him that if he did not stop we would tell on him. Ever since that day, when we stopped the bully from making fun of my friend, he never once did it again. I was able to help a friend in need, and that makes me happy to know that I did something great to change someone’s life. Do not just sit around while your friends get hurt, but do something about it. Any person can make a difference on the issue of bullying.

By: Steve

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