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Posted: 12/20/2011

I believe that bullying is a never ending nightmare for students like, which is why we need stand up for ourselves because we don't deserve to be treated like we are nothing but a waste of space. I believe this because when I was in high school, one of my classmates spoke to me in a really rude way, judging my height. And of course, I was really offended, so I fired back with a very judgmental comment about him. I think that he got offended too so he just replied back: "Gosh I was just playing around." How would I know that? I stood up to him, but I was also being rude back too. Then, I didn't know what the right way to handle it was. I lived in a poor area and also went to a poor school too, so there aren't that many role models to look up to.

By: Kou

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