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The Call for Help

Posted: 12/30/2011

This poem come from my heart because i have been bullied since i was in pre-k and i'm a freshman now.

With in my life i see a light of joy and everyday it keeps fading into darkness. So i wish the light would come back. Also i fear what will happen once i'm in the darkness, i really hope my life can be bright once again. My friends i hope you'll help me out of darkness and into light, so will they be there for me or will i stay in darkness? At the start of my life i was only a little into darkness and mostly in light. Then when i started going to public schools i started to trail off into the darkness everyday. Some times i her the light calling me back, but the darkness always comes back. I just feel like an outsider, but always living in darkness. I just wish someone out there would come and help me back to the light. Then i can start over in the light and stay away from darkness. So if someone is out there please help me out of darkness. I beg you if anyone is out there once and help me and the others whom have walked this path of darkness. Til then we are still going deeper and deeper into darkness.

By: Heather

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