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A Poem for Those Who Think Bullying is Cool

Posted: 1/18/2012

This poem is for all of those who think bullying is cool and to let those being bullied know that those who bully often have their own weaknesses and pick on others to feel better about themselves.

Cyber bullying just give them a way to hide.

So all of you who are being bullied – remind yourself- these people are no better.

For those of you who are bullying – it could be cut it out – step up and step in and stop the bullying.

Cyber Bully

You hide behind your keyboard
    cowardly disguised
hateful words spewing forth
    with the distance it provides.

You prattle on feeling oh so brave
    while you shred another to bits
seeking to elevate yourself
    but you’re really not legit.

You prey upon their weakness
    yet you have your very own
come out from behind your keyboard
    stop texting with your phone.

Because the pain of another
    is nothing to laugh about
you’re not so brave, you’re not so cool
    when you’re hiding out.

By: Deb

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