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Posted: 1/18/2012

Walking through the halls all shaken and scared,
She covered her face thinking no one would stare,
Staring into her eyes,
I could feel the pain, the sorrow,
The feeling she felt as if she was nobody,
She had the look on her face as if she felt like vanishing,
Running as far away as she could,
Knowing that no one would notice because she held the name, Nobody,
Looking at her,
I cringed inside,
I wanted to cry,
Just knowing I was that girl before,
I knew how she felt,
And I was in her footstep,
Feeling like no one could help,
This wasn’t fair,
No one should ever have to go through life feeling like no one cares,
We should put bullying to a halt,
It’s not fair to hurt those people, who aren’t at fault,
I look back at that day in such amaze that I went through that horrific phase,
The threats,
The harassment,
The dreaded feeling of just wanting to be liked,
I remember that day of 6th grade when I was betrayed,
I was left for the other’s who took all my friends away,
Making it clear that no one wanted me to stay,
I was so depressed I just wanted to scamper away,
Surrounded by people I thought were my friends,
Until the bullying started and didn’t seem to end,
Those who once stood by my side,
Slowly but surely went by my way side,
How does this happen just out of the blue,
How could one person cause all this to do,
It’s scary to think that in just a quick flash,
Life as we know it can turn in a dash,
I went through it all day after day,
Until I learned to keep what I thought put away,
No more will I repeat what others say,
Now once and for all I stand tall and help others who are about to fall,
Together we can stand hand and hand,
Making a difference united we stand,
Standing up tall for what we believe,
Together we can all succeed.

By: Taylor

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