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Posted: 6/11/2013

The outcasts were clumped together in a single room.

How did we all end up together? A piece of duct tape picked off the lint from the perfect silk dress. The lint is thrown away, and is ignored forever. No one cares about the lint. No one cares about the outcasts. No one cares about the weirdos or the socially awkward nerds. This is because no one needs them.

They are the stray cat in the window sill, the stray cat that just wants love. Other cats get to have this love, so why not this stray cat? It loves all the same. It is no different. Yet it has a different personality, a different color, and different problems. It does not belong. So it is ignored. Just like the lint, and just like the outcasts, the strangers, the socially awkward kids, the anime/manga lovers, the video gamers, the goths, the punks, and anyone and everyone else who has been removed from a “normal” life.

Anyone who has been yanked away from their Utopia because someone else got bored. Because someone else needed something to do. Because no one cares about the outsiders. The people who don’t deserve to live or die. The outcasts, the ones that don't fit in, ‘THAT ONE GUY’, the girl who is kicked around before school, during school, after school, and at home, her only escape being the teddy bear that she stole from someone who USED TO BE her friend until she became a stranger.

By: Madeline

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