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Posted: 6/21/2013

Bullying was my inspiration to make poetry and I hope that my poetry influences at least one person to always stay strong.



kids didn't live through life but trust me they been through life so

here's to the kids who write because it's their only escape from this dreaded place we call earth — here's to the kids who get bullied every day but still are strong enough to express at least a little  mirth  — Here's to the kids who don't wear a size zero and are proud — here's to the kids who live in hell but their heads in the cloud — here's to the kids who hide their feelings like they don't exist — here's to the kids who relieve all  their pain just by cutting their wrists — here's to the kids that work so hard to impress someone that is never impressed with them — here's to the kids that think they are ugly but in reality they are as beautiful as a priceless gem — here's to the kids who try so hard to become what people want them to be

but don't worry child your life will get better I can guarantee 

Please step in my shoes 
And walk the life I am living 
And if you get as far as I am 
Just maybe you will see 
How strong I am 
BE . . .
The girl who who follows her heart instead of the trends 
The girl who stares at the stars instead of the tv 
The girl who reads Poems  instead of magazines 
The girl who wears sneakers instead of heels
The girl who looks at people's eyes instead of their clothes
The girl who wants to explore the world instead of just traveling the world
The girl who judges their personality instead of their closet 
The girl who would rather go to the  beach instead of the mall 
The girl who values trust instead jewelry 
The girl who ends rumors instead of starting them 
The girl who avoids gossip instead of listening to it  
If you have more friends
Doesn't make you any nicer 
If you have more clothes 
Doesn't make you prettier
If you have more money 
Doesn't make you have more value
When people say your fat it doesn't make them any skinnier 
When people say your dumb it doesn't make them any smarter 
When people say your immature doesn't make them mature
When people say you can't do it
Doesn't mean they can 

By: Eman

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