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Posted: 8/26/2013

My name is V.Lucien Maier, I was born in The Netherlands (Holland) and we came to Utah when I was 4. Of course I was different and got teased and harassed all through school.

So when a young fan of mine emailed and asked if I could write a story about bullies something told me I had to. Later that day I pushed No More on to the web. I am amazed at the reaction it has gotten, and I am so pleased people are getting something from it.

Clara wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and remain in her bed the rest of the day, where it was safe. They would be on the bus waiting for her. It had all started in the second grade. Clara had been very open and very excited about school and friends.

But that year Jen started to criticize how she dressed. It was petty at first, but within two years Jen had recruited two of her friends and the teasing had become merciless. Every year it had gotten worse.

So Clara had pulled further and further away from everything. Reading had become an escape of the years and the books leaned more and more towards stories of finding their own place in the world.

A hour later she stood on the corner, and grimaced as the bus came around the corner to pick her up. The bus stopped and the door opened with a woosh. She boarded and walked with her head down to the seat she sat in everyday.

“Nice shirt, Clara.” Jen balked.

She ignored her.

“Where you get it at, the old folks home?” One of Jen's flunkies chimed in.

She ignored her too. As best as she could.

“Wow.” A voice came.

He was in the back of them and they had paid no attention. He had moved into the neighborhood a week ago. Read the full story

By: Lucien Maier

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