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Take A Stand

Posted: 12/30/2013

How many more kids need to die? How many more kids need to try to find a way to escape the pain or a way to hide from the lies that are told? They hide behind a smile all the while inside the darkness seems to have no end. One by one they leave this world and those around are left with the question why. Principles, teachers, monitors, policemen; we hear you preach but no one seems to see how easy it could be if we unite in this fight to stop the hate. We need to stop and think about what we see. Don't turn a blind eye, it's not always easy, but if you try you will find, when they push another and call out names ,"sticks and stones may brake your bones but words will never hurt you," does not apply in reality: it causes some to die. There’s not always a reason, there's not always a cause, just some kids that are bored thinking its funny, or not thinking at all. If you fail to recognize the signs that are right before your eye's; another life lost, another family destroyed. Never let the people who bring you down make you feel as though you should not be around; we need you, we really do .They call you names and chase you down, because they're afraid that the day will come that they will be on the other side. Hurting others takes the pain away for just a moment in time. All you boys who think you need to treat a girl with disrespect, undermine her feelings, trying to hide the fear of what comes next. Spreading all the lies, telling all the boys she let you have your way. She's walking through the halls, hearing sounds of whispers and she crys yelling why, why'd he have lie? He won't even look at her, he won't even talk to her, he's feeling so much shame knowing he's the one to cause her pain. Be strong, stand your ground, life's worth living with you around. Be strong, stand your ground, never let them bring you down. You see her crying and sitting alone, you see her yelling leave me alone. You see them laughing and you shy away ,hoping they don't find a way to turn on you, because you know the pain they cause. Still you pause and think "if only I was strong enough to say leave her alone, then she will see in reality there are those who care," but you don't dare. Wake up to find she will not be coming to school today, she will not be around, she has found a way to stop her pain. Tears fall from your eyes asking, "Why didn't I try." Counselors come to talk to us, saying it will be okay, but do they know? Where were they when she needed them the most? How will they help me, who was to scared to take a stand, as I look around and see all the kids crying like me? I ask where we're they before, now it's to late, she won't be here no more. The chance to say I'm sorry, lend a helping hand. Even a simple smile could have gone a mile, but time has run out for yet another child. As we bow our heads and pray, may she rest in peace we say. I know this is long, but my feelings are strong, we need to get the word out.


By: Kelly

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