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We just need someone to listen

Posted: 1/23/2014

I want to start off by saying that this is my first time to actually join or at least contribute, support a program that helps those who are in need of help, because you know, we know that problems like bullying need to be addressed. This also is my first time sharing my story, but I figured since it would help others, then might as well give it a shot. And if you all would not mind, I would love to join to help out kids who have been victims, even though I'm just thirteen years old and don't know that much about the world. But what I do know is that we experience pain, problems like bullying that can lead to suicide and major depression, which I have experienced as well. I always had this motivation to at least help other people, because when I was bullied, I was a young girl who didn't know what to do. I was dumbfounded, and scared at how they would threaten me with death, and harassed me in every possible way. Words do hurt and so do actions. Because by the time I was punched or kicked for being too smart, or being too different from all the other people, I was traumatized for a girl of only 6 to about 8 years old. I remember being afraid of going to school, because my teacher would force me to sit at their table, and under the desks, they would kick me as hard as they could. And I would return home with my legs all bruised up. And yet I was still scared to speak up, and day by day, second by second, I developed major depression, eating disorders, and even started self harming to the point I was suicidal. And one day I just came to realize that this is not ok. What they do is not ok. Because no one has the right to make someone else feel down just by calling them ugly, fat or any other offensive terms. I have a story. We all have a story. And we all have problems, some bigger than others, but that gives us even more of a right to help each other out. I had no one to help me when I went through a rehabilitation process, but we are not alone. We don't need someone to understand, we just need someone to listen.

By: Erika

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