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Poem Against Bullying

Posted: 2/5/2014

Walk through the halls of an unknown land Trying to figure out how to fit in, May not be the same as everyone else, But is that a reason to cut me down? Every day I face a new battle don’t you see, Not knowing who will push or tease me.

Will I be made fun of for my clothes?

Will I be shunned for my shyness?

Will the other kids laugh and point?

Who will beat me up I think to myself,

when I am alone in the hall?

Will anyone hear my cries?

When I am running for my life?

Kids tell me I am to slow to score a goal, Teachers tell me you’ll never make the grade, They look at me and see what they want to see.

When will I be seen for me?

My parents tell me do not be afraid.

Do not listen to what they all say.

Your dreams are powerful and can be attained.

You are worth more than you’ll ever know Don’t give up on yourself.

I sit in my room at night and cry,

Wishing I was like them inside.

Why do kids hate me so much?

What did I ever do to make them hurt me so?

I just want the bullying to stop in school.

I want to be free to explore the world.

I want a chance to find myself,

I want to be happy once again.

I want to find the smile I once had.

I want to be seen for who I really am,

I just want a new beginning.

About the author:
I was a shy kid in school with many learning disabilities. I struggled with anxiety and depression and know what kind of impact that can have on a child. I also was told on several occasions that writing poetry would get me no where in life so why write. I write because I find joy in it and am good at it. Writing is something no one can take away from me. I have seen a lot of bullying going on in my childrens school and wanted to make a difference. After I saw the NFL players characters unite shows on television I decided to talk to some teachers about focusing our poetry unit in April around anti bullying poems and what it means to kids that are facing it in todays society. I know how bullying can crush a childs perception of them selves and how hard it is to go to school and face those fears every day. This is just my way of helping others.

By: Cory

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