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We are the Change

Posted: 3/28/2014

There she sits
In hollowing silence
Void of emotions

Every insult thrown at her
Every cry for help ignored
Every day ending with a prayer to die
She exists

It seemed so innocent, simply jesting
Those snide remarks you and your friends would utter
Not knowing that they hit so deep you could feel the impact

Every day was a battle
A struggle for acceptance
What had come so easily and naturally for you
Was robbing the very soul right out of her

Countless people brainwashing her into thinking she was not important
That the world would be a better place without her
That no one would notice that she was gone
But you can't see this
All you see is a girl
Perhaps not fitting into your socially accepted norm

She is forgettable
She is insignificant
She is a nobody

You can spend a lifetime tearing people down
Ripping them apart to make yourself feel better
To get that fleeting sense of superiority

Just as simple as it is to bully someone
It is that easy to raise them up
To remind them that their life does matter
All it takes is one word
One smile
One love

Where are the days where we were considerate
Where we were empathetic
Where we thought not only about ourselves
It's time to take it back
It's time to respect each other
It's time to stop being so petty
Let's turn our slander into praises
Our judging into loving
Our belittling into uplifting

It's time and we're capable
It's time and we're ready
It's time and we're in this together
It's time to stop the bullying
It's time to bring back the lives of our youth

By: Lisa

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