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The Things You Don’t Know

Posted: 3/28/2014

Isn’t it weird how just one word makes you hurt?
Isn’t it peculiar how just one word makes you feel like dirt?
Ugly, worthless, loser, these are the things they overhear
You are what they have come to fear

They hear you in the hallway and all they hear is trash
All you want to do is turn them into ash
Every morning they wake up with grief
Every day you take their happiness away like a thief

They pretend to smile, hoping it’s going to be alright
They hold themselves up with all their might
Don’t you ever wonder how they feel?
Your appalling words hurt like a toxic blade made of steel

You think you have power, yet they are stronger than you
You may never know the sadness they’ve been through,
All they ever wanted was a simple friend
Someone who would stand up for them and defend

You don’t know what they’ve attempted to do
You and your friends say it’s not true
With your mind you gave a deep wound that will never heal
Truth is, you may never know how that feels

You’ve dug so deep into their skin; their life hangs by a thread
What I want to know is when you are going to get this in your head
You’re the weak one; you’re the one to blame
For all the times they wished they had a different name

You think you’re so smart
Even though you destroyed their heart
It makes me sad to know someone can be so hurtful
The things they feel I’m sure are painful

We need to join together and fight forever
So we can make our generation feel better
On this day ask yourself
Can we change our hurtful ways for the benefit of ourselves

By: Cameron

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