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Words Hurt

Posted: 5/27/2014

I'm 15, and to say my bullying has let up is a complete lie. See at first I thought it was just kids trying to hear me talk, I was a shy 5 year old at the time so everything they did hurt a lot but I didn't breath a word about it, thinking it would stop. It didn't it got worse and soon I started coming home and locking myself in my room and crying. It's weird how every word and everything they ever said and did to me stays locked in my head. I was soon told I had depression which lead to my social anxiety. I never had a friend until 7th grade it was so lonely I had no idea how to treat a friend. But I actually left school early for a whole month, every day I would leave early and the school didn't think anything about it. So when I came clean to the school, they played it off as it was kids having fun. But how was this fun, they always cornered me and yelled names at me and taunted me. Some of them shoved me into things. It was everyday, every year. It was a cycle that no one tried to break. As for now it still happens and there are very bad side effects to it, but only for me. It's not fair I put up with the pain and mental abuse, while the school does nothing to the bullies. I wake up and afraid to take the first breath, I'm afraid to open my eyes knowing what will happen that day. I trick myself into believing what they say. I cry and scream but no one replies, I'm trapped in this cycle and I want it to stop. But the bad news is it looks like it won't, no one is attempting to stop it. It's funny I find out things about me I didn't even know. The reason I was first bullied was because I talked weird, I was asthmatic, dressed boyish, had to long of hair for girls at the time, I was too smart, I was a nerd, I ate too much, I took up to much space, I was ugly, and I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. But I did prove them wrong one way, I accomplished one thing, and I prove it everyday by looking them in the eye holding my tears back and breathing. As for the future it will be better I know it will. But I find it funny how words hurt and no one knows then when it happens to them they expect sympathy. As well as the fact they put pressure on us (the bullied) and watch us crumble under it and they wonder why we are so quiet.

By: Kristen

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