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Little Bird

Posted: 8/20/2014

You are not ugly
You're a little bird
I know one day you will see
The measure of your worth

Those who crumpled and crushed you
Were acting cowardly
They concealed from view
Their own inadequacy

You are not ugly
Rosebuds are pretty
You are a little tiger
You are silk and amber

You're a caterpillar
You'll know what this means
When a pair of silken wings
Shows you the world from above

I'm sitting in your future
Outside your chrysalis
Keep well and study
Knowledge will set you free

I hope you'll remember
All that you've just heard
Apply to the letter
Every single word

Repeat after me
'I am not ugly
The other kids have lied to me
Because of their own misery'

That is common currency
In human psychology
In time you will see
Despair can breed brutality

There is much beauty
Outside your chrysalis
Hold your head above the mirk
Water nymph
Come forth and become me

By: Nili Roberts

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