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I Hurt, I Cry, I Run, I Hide

Posted: 5/13/2011

It Hurts When You Just Stand And Watch,
When You Don't Do Anything About It Because,
I Hurt I Cry I Run I Hide,
Nothing Seems To Help And I Don't Know Why,
I'm Crying Out For Help And Don't Realize It,
Do You See How This Effected Me...Is It Worth It?
I Want Someone Do Reach Out And Feel My Pain,
Can You Make This Misery Go Away?
Can We Make A Difference And Let It Shine?
Bullying Can Stop If You Do The Right Thing And Try,
I Know It Hurts I Know It Can Be A Lot,
If You Don't Do Anything It Will Be Like A Time Bomb Ready To Pop,
You Can Act Now And Start Hurrying,
Please Stop Bullying.

By: Anonymous

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