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Safe Schools

Posted: 12/18/2014

What does it mean to have a safe school?
Does it mean that things have to be cool?
Find the answer we must,
Or our student’s lives might be lost.
Whether physical, social or emotional threats,
Our students deserve protection from the best.
As their teacher, I pledge to you all,
I pledge to help them stand tall!
One way to help prevent such disarray,
Is to create an environment that sends no one away.
Teachers that have an open door,
Invite students and gives them an arena to explore.
As a teacher it is my obligation,
To report all misbehavior that occurs in my station!
But I promise to go one step higher,
To help our students drown the smoke before it becomes a fire.
Keeping students safe is a huge priority,
And I promise to do everything within my authority.
As parents you must help by being our eyes and ears,
To help eliminate any potential fears!
These fears can come in any way shape or form,
All are unacceptable and require students to transform!
Students have increased pressure to embody all things,
And as role models we must help teach them to live without these strings!

One major issue that we must all explore,
Is the role of bullying needs to be no more!
The many faces of bullying plague our halls,
And as teachers and parents we must take a stand before a student falls!
The supposed sense a power that bullies get,
Surpasses are rules that are supposed to be set!
Bullying can happen to any student in school,
And causes hurt, shame, embarrassment and feelings that are so cruel!
Making a victim out of students to make yourself feel good,
Is evidence that something is wrong and misunderstood.
Bullying can happen in so many different ways,
Physical contact, one word, one gesture, one sentence, I could really go on for days!
83% of bullying occurs with no intervention and continue to plague our teens,
Think about what that really means!
Only half our teachers have been properly trained,
Statistics like these do not help eliminate all that needs to be restrained.
Help educators and staff eliminate such acts on school grounds and in our halls,
Support our schools and teachers to make all the right calls!
It does not matter which way a student is shamed,
All must be remedied in order to be tamed.
As teacher and parents we have a big role with such dealings,
None more important than to remind ourselves to trust our feelings!
No matter what we think the repercussions might be,
We are responsible to hold students to the same responsibility.
We have such great responsibility to help make our schools safe and secure,
Students deserve nothing less as they mature!
I pledge to ensure I employ all the traits I am assigned,
To ensure no student is left behind

By: Kelly, a candidate at a teaching credential program

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