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Posted: 4/30/2015

When I was in elementary school I was picked on like you wouldn't believe, and it's something that I had to go through my entire elementary school career. I was constantly ignored, no one wanted to be friends with me. I remember when I tried sitting at the lunch table with a bunch of other kids they would always move away from me. It really gave me sort of a depressing feeling inside like no one wanted to be near me. There were times to when I was told by quite a few kids to my face that “No one wanted to hangout with me”, because of this that and the other. I am kinda glad that I don't remember some of the stuff they said back in elementary but what I do know is whenever I would report them to the principle's office they would not care and tell me to ignore them or blame me because I did something wrong when I never did.

Middle school was probably the worst time of my schooling career. I remember one time after a gym class I was going to the locker room to change into my school clothes and all of a sudden this random kid takes my hat away. All of a sudden he starts dragging me to the shower and starts punching me everywhere. He eventually knocks off my cochlear implant the most essential part of my everyday living. Without it hearing with just my hearing aid is very uncomforable and we wouldn't be able to afford $6000 to replace it. After the bell rings the kid stops punching me. The bell rings I am on the ground for a few minutes, then I get up go to my guidance councilor's office. Long story short they wouldn't do anything about it. They told me it's the end of the day and they would deal with it the next day. My mom picked me up I told her what happened, long story short I had to write a police report, next day kid gets suspended for just one day! My thought was unbelievable.

My first year of high school wasn't bad I went to a new High School. But my sophmore year was really bad I was targeted at school and online by kids. A girl from school that set me up online. It was another person I liked and she sent me a message saying that she liked me when she really didn't. She was pulling me a long by saying that I really liked you and I wanted to date you all that stuff that I thought was true really wasn't. I got very emotionally upset because here I thought this person really liked me and it was all a joke by her and her friends.

I was very impressed by Luna Lovegood's Ideals. It seems she had the ability to develop a hard shell towards individuals who had negative things to say about her. This is a great skill I wish I knew how to master when I was in her shoes, as a victim if bullying...... I read that she is very trusting, and never has betrayed any of her friends. I grasped this information from reading. It seems that that she cares about kids, people, and the world in general.

By: Corey

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