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I Am Me

Posted: 5/13/2011

Hello my name is Mackenzie, I am in 6th grade and this my story.

In 4th grade, I had a friend who told me something I thought wasn't appropriate for our age. Of course, I told my mom what she said my mom called the girls mother. After that day, she treated me differently. She would do things like, step on my foot, shove me in the hallways, steal my notebook, and write things on my desk. Things in fifth grade didn't get any better,  the bully started picking on my friend, for being my friend. My mom had called the bully's mother, again and the school, but it didn't  get anywhere until, my mom pulled me out of school and began researching our school policies.  My mom found out that the school didn't take proper notes of the incident and rallied with other parents to pressure the Board of Education to place the policy to protect kids from bullying in our school system. It's been a slow process but I did return to school after 2 months, I wasn't going to let the bully ruin my last year in elementary.  Since then things have been good, I entered the 5th grade talent show and met a musicproducer that I have been working with. I still go to school with the bully and she doesn't bully me any more.

From this experience I have learned, to be strong and confident in who I am  I know that I can do anything I set my mind to and I want the people that hear my song "I am me", to feel the same way. I have attached my song...
Hope you like it!

Sincerely, Mackenzie

By: Mackenzie



This is a great song about being ok with who you are!
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