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Being A Bully

Posted: 5/17/2011

Everybody has they own opinion and one of mine is that I don’t like when some people bully other people especially nice people, nice people that don’t bother no one or keep to themselves.

Bullying is a person that is mean and to weaker minded people.

Bullying is not a good thing to do to other people it makes yourself look bad, and certain people wouldn’t have no respect for you and you’ll pay back the wrong you did to people at the end.

I have a story to tell about this young 14 year old boy Ricki. Ricki was kind obese and tall for his age. He lived with his mother and his little 8 year old brother Devon. Ricki and Devon and Mrs. Johnson is a hard working single parent, she lost her husband which is Ricki and Devon father, a couple of years ago he died of an sickness, every since the boys lost their father Ricki started getting in trouble in school, getting kicked out, starting fights with people, bullying younger kids younger than him telling them what to do, forcing the kids to do things they don’t want to do taking their lunches and money from them, bullying younger kids in the neighborhood, also sometimes Ricki will bully his brother Devon and his friends. He will make Devon do his chores and his own chores while they mother gone to work, which Devon is short and slim for his age which he would do what his brother would tell him also he gets tired of his brother ruling him around which the punishments Mrs. Johnson gives Ricki no privileges to do nothing. It won’t do any good to Ricki. Mrs. Johnson found out Ricki got kicked out of school for a week for bullying a younger boy around. Mrs. Johnson got fed up with it put Ricki on another punishment made him go outside to rake all the leaves, cut the grass, water the grass and cut the neighbors grass for free, while Ricki was doing that the younger kid he bullied at school went to go get his bigger older brother he were bigger and taller than Ricki. He came in front of Ricki house told Ricki off about his brother Ricki became kind of scared shaking a little in his shoes as Ricki looked up at him as a bigger giant. He attends to pick Ricki up by one hand from his collard as Mrs. Johnson heard noise outside in the yard she looked out the window as it wasn’t no surprise but a shock with her mouth open and stayed still didn’t attend to come outside to break the fight up as the bigger boy pick Ricki up from the collard, he threw him up on the porch Ricki landed near the door on his rear, as he was hurt, then the bigger boy begin to walk away. Mrs. Johnson hurry and moved away from the window came to the door opened it and told Ricki don’t come in the house until you finish his chores it wasn’t a sign from Ricki mother if she cared about him that moment as she threatened him next time he gets in any trouble and want to bully people she offer him to a boot camp a camp that is not to pleasant to be in for younger boys every sense then Ricki start straightening up being nice to his brother and his friends, kids in the neighborhood, kids in the school attend not to get kicked out of school Ricki promise his self and his mother he wouldn’t be a bully again!

By: De’Jah

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