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Posted: 6/12/2013

I hope that our children today, can show our children of tomorrow that a little strength and courage will lead them to the brighter days awaiting them.

By: Ricky Ellis

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The Haze

Posted: 6/11/2013

Here's a poem, it's not perfect but its my experience from battling post traumatic stress.

There’s a haze, it begins to form
Growing stronger and stronger
Everyday I continue to feel more alone

My mind gets fuzzy, thoughts and ideas
They are nowhere in site
Motivation to get out of bed is even outside the lines

I sit down in a desk, focus being the key
Little did i know, an interruption bombards me
At the edge of my seat I try to hold on

The flashbacks overcome me
Hands shaking, heart racing
It’s survival of the fittest

So who’s it going to be?
Weak in the knees, barely holding on by a thread
Numbness consumes me

Now my mind drifts away
It’s somewhere dark and all alone
A place where thoughts of the unthinkable become known

Is anyone out there?
Everything I feel, everything I think
Just tell me it’s okay

Who have I become, how did I get here?
This sadness is taking me down a deep, unending path
Someone please rescue me from this haze

Before I disappear

By: Denise

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Posted: 6/11/2013

The outcasts were clumped together in a single room.

How did we all end up together? A piece of duct tape picked off the lint from the perfect silk dress. The lint is thrown away, and is ignored forever. No one cares about the lint. No one cares about the outcasts. No one cares about the weirdos or the socially awkward nerds. This is because no one needs them.

They are the stray cat in the window sill, the stray cat that just wants love. Other cats get to have this love, so why not this stray cat? It loves all the same. It is no different. Yet it has a different personality, a different color, and different problems. It does not belong. So it is ignored. Just like the lint, and just like the outcasts, the strangers, the socially awkward kids, the anime/manga lovers, the video gamers, the goths, the punks, and anyone and everyone else who has been removed from a “normal” life.

Anyone who has been yanked away from their Utopia because someone else got bored. Because someone else needed something to do. Because no one cares about the outsiders. The people who don’t deserve to live or die. The outcasts, the ones that don't fit in, ‘THAT ONE GUY’, the girl who is kicked around before school, during school, after school, and at home, her only escape being the teddy bear that she stole from someone who USED TO BE her friend until she became a stranger.

By: Madeline

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I Am Nothing

Posted: 6/7/2013

I am nothing
I am an outsider
A nobody
I don’t exist

I am the person
Who blends into her desk
Her hair cascading over her face
Observing and watching

Who are just as ordinary
As the next
Knocking students down
One by one
Picking apart their personality
Until there is nothing left

Being nothing
Is what makes me
A true individual
I am a person
Of character
With moral strength
And integrity
I will not back down
I am a warrior

The popular ones
Are no different
Than anyone else

They are just like me

I am somebody

By: Aliza

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Silent Voices

Posted: 6/6/2013

Hey! My name is Taylor and I am proud to say that I am the author and illustrator of this story, Silent Voices, which tells the story of my actual experiences with bullying. I was a victim of bullying, such as name-calling, physical harm and emotional harm, and even sexual harassment. I will never forget the numerous times I would go to a social worker or a teacher or school staff member about these issues and they would always turn me down, saying that, "teenagers are just being teenagers," or "I think you're over-reacting, kid." A while after being ignored, I started to believe that this was the way I was supposed to be treated in school because I had Autism and Epilepsy, and I was supposed to allow this mistreatment to carry on until I couldn't take it anymore. I know what it is like to be bullied, to be depressed and feeling alone, to actually try and take my own life in the middle of the night so I wouldn't bother anyone.

In 2013, I will be 18 years old and I have figured out after many years of pain and sadness that I was not alone. I wasn't the only one to try and skip school because I didn't feel wanted there, not the only one to get targeted with nasty names because I glanced someone's way while walking down the hallway or get hit because I was zoning out. I also wasn't the only one to try and take my life and I wasn't the only one who wanted it to all just STOP.

While reading my side of the story, keep in mind that there are many other people being bullied for reasons that vary. And, to those who feel like they cannot do anything, it only takes one voice to stop this uprising battle of mistreatment and bullying. Together, we can all work hard to make schools a safer place. Be a friend, an ally, and help those who are silent like I was. Everyone is meant to be different and everyone is meant to be treated as equal.

I hope you enjoy this story and will take a stand against bullying.

By: -Taylor, 2013

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A Message For Everybody

Posted: 5/29/2013

Hi, I’m Melha, I'm a teenager and I live in Europe.

I want to tell my story because I relly need to talk and I would like to send a message to everybody.

I was bullied at middle school and during my 9th grade.

I didn’t have friends -I was very shy, naive and too kind. I decieded to be friends with a group of popular girls because I didn't want to be alone with no friends.

At the beginning they were really nice with me but actually they were only acting. They were very mean and heartless. In 6th grade they started using me. I did everything they wanted me to do, I thaught i was just nice but then I realized that I was their little puppet but it was too late, i had to do mean things otherwise they wouldn’t speak to me anymore.

In 7th and 8th grade, things became worse: those girls and the people they hung with insulted me, humiliated me and judged me everytime in front of everybody. People talked behind my back, called me names, laughed at me, they said I was nothing, miserable, fat, ugly, that I was alone, that nobody will ever love me and that I will never have friends or boyfriends.

I was the second choice, the laughing stock. But the thing is, they don’t know how much words hurt. I trusted them, I thaught I could but they used it against me. So, I started to miss school, a lot, I was afraid to go back there, everyday I was crying in my room, I felt lonely, hurt and especially anxious, insecure and depressed.

In 9th grade they started ignoring me, they didn’t speak to me anymore, I was completely alone. Then the principle of my school got mad because I was missing too much school but it was the end of the year and I was going to change school so it didn’t really matter.

But there is something that those people forgot. It’s that what they were doing hurt me: I completely changed, I was -and I still am- sad, anxious, insecure, depressed, insomniac, and I feel like everybody now is judging me or telling mean things behind my back, and I can’t trust anymore.

I was sad and depressed during this whole period so now I feel like if I am happy again something wrong is going to happen, and I am angry against everybody, I can’t control myself, I hate myself because of them, I feel hopeless and like nothing, I starve myself and I have eating disorder because of them. I am so depressed that I cut myself. And I am not proud of what I’ve become.

To finish I would like to say that even if you have been bullied, you are stronger than anyone now, you must fight against all those diseases (depression, bulimia, cut...) and against bullying.

And all those people that bully - they should stop. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

By: Melha

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Posted: 5/29/2013

My Heart is Shattered
and nothing seems to matter anymore
You've called me names
spit in my face
You make me feel like a disgrace

Why can't you see
we are the same
... you and me
I can be
who I want to be
theirs no reason
to pick on me

You've made me
feel like hell
you've done it well
you break me down
everytime you come around
If I could change this I would
But I just wouldn't be the same person I am today
I'm not afraid to let the light shine it
i'm not afraid of where i've been

Why can't you see
we are the same
you and me
I can be
who I want to be
their is no reason
to pick on me


By: Mark and Trinity

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Nobody Cared for or Cared About

Posted: 5/29/2013

When I was much younger I was bullied, left standing on own in the playground, the girl with no friends that nobody cared for or cared about. The girls used to laugh at me and take my friends away when I was with them so I would be on my own all the time.

One of my 'friends' started making up stories in year 6 came out with that she only said this cause I was bullying her, everyone believed her and I was hated and had no friends at all. I was the bully apparently when I had done nothing at all.

Then to make things worse the girl who used to be the ‘head’ bully when I was younger (in year 2) started saying that I was also bullying her ... I begged to my ‘friends’ that I didn't do anything wrong but they were all calling me names I didn't want to go to school ever again after that my life had been wrecked forever.

I got called fat, ugly, the one who ate all the pies and a bully even by my own brothers. My teacher sat us down for weeks, we were pulled out of all our lessons to sort it out but I had lost all my trust after that and said I don't ever want to be friends with you again, and they started to say sorry .

Once proven I was right and I didn't bully her once she had admitted it everyone started to say sorry and act like my best friend again. In the end we all became friends again and still see each other 2 years down the line. To this day I wish it had never happened but I was fortunate and we all made up, but the bully from my younger years I have no wish nor plans nor want to talk to her again and I haven't done so.

I just wish this would never happen to a innocent girl or innocent boy again. Even to this day im left out or called names but i have grown stronger and deal with it better but I have gone to the extreme of cutting but have sorta stopped now. I have found friends that I trust. But I never want this to ever happen to my cousins or any of my family because its horrible, I had never cried so much in my life and even to this day I still believe everything they called me is true and that I am fat and ugly etc.

No boy or Girl no matter what age, religion, race or skin colour, everyone is EQUAL NO MATTER WHAT! and what my nan said to me was "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me".

If you read this and you are being bullied then think of this and stick up for yourself and I hope it goes right for you in the end out there somewhere is someone that cares and loves you you just have to find them and find yourself because deep down you are a strong person than you think.

By: Leah

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I Can Not Breathe

Posted: 5/29/2013

In a class all scoff at me. They call me fat, giantess, a black girl, and all because I was a little darker than everyone in the class. They hate me! Yaubegayu from school in tears. I am very tired of it! I'm tired of crying into my pillow every day.

I have been best friends, but this year there were brand new, they put them up against me, I find it hard to realize that I'm disgusted with all, no one wants to talk to me! They just go by and everyone laughs at me. Our class is divided into two groups: ellita and outcasts. So I'm an outcast. Those people who were once friends, they are also being bullied. They're bullied. They tore my clothes. They stain my clothes. I'm tired!

One day, when all the lessons I have ended, as always went down to the locker room, they were all there, they were holding balloons with paint and water, I do not know where they got them, and that's when I went, they began to throw balls and then poured paint on me, then at my coat and shoes. They were laughing. I still remember that day.

I cried. Me and now it hurts to remember. What a lack of respect?!

Sometimes you want to break up about something, such as glass. Sometimes I want to die. I can not breathe in this dirty world. In their words that bring me pain. It hurts!" I don't like the world right now, but I need help"

By: Anya - From Russia

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Student Name Classroom Hamster “PIPSQUEAK”

Posted: 5/23/2013

My first grade students are extremely excited to have a classroom pet. After many votes, we have decided to name our hamster "Pipsqueak" (Pip) which is the name of the mascot on PACER's Kids Against Bullying website. Thank you so much!!!

By: Tammy, First grade teacher

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