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Parker's Story

Posted: 6/7/2011

PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center
8161 Normandale Blvd.
Bloomington, MN 55437

10 March, 2011

Dear Julie,

Enclosed is a check for $437.48 for the National Bullying Prevention Center. This donation is made possible because of the efforts made by our daughter, Parker. Parker is 13 years old. Please use this donation to help support your bullying prevention program on her behalf.

Here is a little overview of Parker and her most recent project for the NBPC. In December, her school had an anti-bullying assembly. Parker was very affected by the information she learned that day and decided she needed to do more to help stop bullying in this country.  She researched a lot of information and statistics and found your program on the PACER Center website. She decided she was going to dedicate the month of February to earn money for the NBPC by selling wristbands and giving 100% of the cost to your program. She designed and ordered the wristbands herself.

On one side they read, "Every 7 minutes" to remind kids that this is an ongoing problem every single day, and on the other side they read, "Stand Up," which empowers young kids to stand up against bullying if they are targets, and to always stand up for others who are.

Parker created a display board using facts and coloring pages on your website and got overwhelming support by our school principals. She sold them at afterschool events and at school conferences and had great success.  She helped educate people who bought wristbands by telling them some of the alarming bullying statistics and was surprised by the many bullying stories shared with her by students and parents. This project really opened her eyes and the eyes of others to the dangers of bullying.

Thank you for all your hard work. We know that through programs like yours, we will bring an end to bullying once and for all.


By: Annie

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Taylor's Story

Posted: 6/7/2011

My name is Taylor Rose and I'm almost 17 years old and will be a Junior in high school. I enjoy traveling, shopping, reading, playing tennis, and being with friends and family. I  attended elementary and middle schoolin Wayzata, MN. Part way through 8th grade I moved out east because of my mom's job. It was there I attended an Eastern Prep School where I was a victim of bullying. My bullying experience overshadowed any good experiences I had at the Prep School.

I have spoken at several bullying events, and have contributed to a monthly newsletter on bullying. Bullying is a topic I am passionate about, which is why I decided to tell my story in hopes of helping others in similar situations.

Read Taylor's Full Story

By: Taylor Rose

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Bullying Happens in Other Countries

Posted: 5/31/2011

I'm Aive. I live in Estonia, it's far, far away from the U.S. I just want to share my story with you.

My story starts when I was going in 5 grade and end 8 grade. My one classmate said me whale, this time I was thinking that maybe he will stop and he never say something like this. But next day he said me whale again. Month later all classmates said me whale (2-3 persons don't say anything).Next month they say, I have to go away our class, I have to put myself in fire etc. I ignore them, I got hurt.

Next year (6 grade), they said me a lot of bad words. This boy who start to say me whale, he turned me against the wall, I could not breathe and I had bruises. I talked my mother, we went headteacher, but headteacher did not do anything.

Next year (7 grade), they all (classmates, and the other persons) said me bad, throw me branches, rocks and mud, my clothes were dirty. I went home crying, my own uncle daughter look this thing beside, and laugh. I cry everyday, and nobody can't do anything about it. They blamed me in everything, when they got into trouble, it was my fault.So I was this person who every human can say everything. They didn't leave me alone even home. If I was going out, they said me so nasty things. The other people said me bad to, not only my own classmates.

8th grade, they say me bad, but not so much.

9th grade (this year), they don't say me anything, im like the others in our class. I don't know why they hated me those three years, my one classmates said they had a reason, but I don't know the reason, I dont to them anything, but thank god, everything is fine now.

I have to appreciate my best friend who stayed by my side even hard times, they said names to my best friend too, but not that much.

When all this happened, then I once thought I'd go and do a suicide, but then I was wondering that my death won't change anything, maybe they feel sorry for a one day, but maybe they won't feel sorry.

I know I am somebody in future, but they get this all back, all this pain. I suffer bullying, I have scars inside. My classmates still do not like me, but I don't even care. I am who I am and I'm proud.

If I see that someone bullying the other, I'm going to protect him/her.

By: Aive

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Taking Action

Posted: 5/26/2011

June 9, 2010

PACER Center
8161 Normandale Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55437

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Clayton. I'm helping stop bullying in my school. I am going to give you $5. Bullying is mean and it needs to be stopped. You can tell the bully to stop, or go tell the teacher, or tell your mom and dad.

Thank you.


By: Clayton

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Locked Alone

Posted: 5/26/2011

I'm scared of what there is to come,
from heartache and neglect.
Why should I be afraid of it?
I have the love I get.

I don't know why I'm scared of it, 
I have my mom and dad.
They love me and the comfort me, 
Why do I feel so sad?

I do not want to come to school, 
I'm scared I'll see them there,
they laugh and talk behind my back,
It's just not very fair. 

The laughing and the bullying, 
it has to stop right now.
That is a choice I have to make, 
all by myself, alone.

I have no one to turn to now,
I fight the pain inside.
I'm scared I might go way too far,
My life is full of lies.

I have support right by my side,
they love me and they care.
I have to call out on my own,
no pain, no strife to bare. 

There is a person that I like,
She helps me make it through.
She cares for me and understands, 
what I am going through.

She comforts me and hugs me tight,
when I am crying hard.
I pray to God for her to know,
What's really going on.

I cut my arms with razor blades,
to dull the pain inside,
but that can only last so long,
I don't wanna be alive.

I cover up the bleeding scars,
cause no one understands.
It doesn't hurt, it just feels good,
I cover them with bands.

I do not know where I can turn,
so I can feel again.
I'm full of sadness, hate, regret, 
Why can't I say 'I can'?

I cry myself to sleep at night, 
I wipe away the tears.
I always have to be so strong, 
I have so many fears. 

Why don't I stand up for myself,
they think they draw a laugh.
Inside I'm crying out for help,
My life is worth just half.

I'm pounding on the walls so hard,
but no one seems to hear.
I want to get out very bad,
I'm trapped inside my fears.

I need you and I know you're there, 
I just need some advice.
To make this issue go away,
so I don't take my life. 

I pray someday I will be free,
no longer walk alone. 
I am determined to get there,
no longer locked alone.

By: Laura T.

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Posted: 5/26/2011

bulllies make u feel low and make u feel different

By: Anonymous

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Posted: 5/26/2011

Some kids are bullied but are embarassed to talk about it. My parents told me it was probably my fault that i did something mean, but I didn't. I tend to be quiet and nice to everyone but still people are mean to me. I wish someone could help me, I don't know what to do.

By: Anonymous

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Too Scared

Posted: 5/26/2011

People are either too scared to get involved or ignore it, kids and adults.

By: Anonymous

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I Survived

Posted: 5/26/2011

I survived my bullying experience. Grew up and became free.

However, during the time i was bullied, it was hell. I contemplated suicide, running away, thoughts of violence. I just wanted to be free. It was the worst experience ever. Even now I'm not a confident person.

Anything i can do to help others get through it, I'm up for it.

By: Anonymous

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I Am Ok Now

Posted: 5/24/2011

Is this what you need?

Really, for me to be taunted and laughed at?

do you seriously think its funny.
Calling me a dummy...

I am called horrible things, pushed around each day, everyday I come home with a new bruise!

I need to find my salvation...

Leaving life is not the answer, but letting myself be pushed to the ground isn't either.
I don't want to live this way, help me to find a friend...

I need you to help me,
to help me find my real life, where it is peaceful and happy.

I walked into school today, the bully wasn't there...
I asked where she was, and a teacher said she'd been expelled! :)

I jumped for joy and shouted "Yippee!" and sung a song and danced!
This was what I wanted, I wanted her to feel how I felt!

Though I didn't want to hurt her...
I didn't want to stoop to her level,

But I am ok now,

So, my story ended happily, what about yours?

By: Anonymous

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