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Posted: 1/7/2013

In September of 2012, Nicki Francis will join five other women from New Jersey who will climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Located on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, the mountain is Africa’s highest peak at 19,341 feet above sea level. To heighten the experience, each of the climbers came up with a unique way to bring awareness to the organizations that have helped their families in a personal way.

Nicki chose PACER Center. She is climbing to bring out a voice of courage to help people recognize the many struggles families live with every day. She is also climbing for her son who has sensory processing disorder and her daughter who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. She wants people to understand that things happen for a reason and these life changes have only given her a stronger perspective on what it means to live and accept the life you have been given. “I climb for the courage to end bullying,” she writes on the team’s website. “Young people need courage every day to be true to who they really are… I am climbing for the courage to be the voice of the children I work with every day who are truly amazing but have been dealt a very unfair hand in life.”

Together, these six women are setting out on a journey with the hope to gain a voice in order to recognize the many organizations that have done so much and continue to give full support to families in need.

By: Anonymous