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Posted: 3/15/2013

National Bullying Prevention Center,

On behalf of the our School of Dance and Performing Arts we would like to present this donation. Every year we hold a Benefit Concert to raise money for a charity or organization. Students and instructors have been donating their time and efforts since September in preparation for our annual event. Since bullying has recently affected our area significantly, students agreed that supporting bullying prevention would be the perfect cause this year. We are honored to present this donation to you.

Just to give you a little background about our School of Dance and Performing Arts, we are a small dance and drama school in western New York. We have less than 150 students, of which about 40 performed in different styles of dance. We held a "Donation Welcome" concert on Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful turnout. A beautiful space was donated for us to hold our concert which also helped with its success. Our annual Benefit Concert is one of the events about which our students get most excited. They feel so appreciative to be able to give back to the community by sharing something they love to do – dance!!


School of Dance and Performing Arts

By: Anonymous