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My Child, Somebody

Posted: 11/15/2013

Bravery to me is watching my children expose their vulnerabilities to the world, with no regard for themselves, in order to protect somebody that may not be able to. Pride is what my children give me everyday they go out into the world and have the courage to be Somebody. All three of my children have been bullied in some way or another. How they have reacted to it is what makes me the proudest as a mom. It is because of them that I wrote the following letter in hopes that people will have a better understanding about them, as well as anyone else that may be different.

Someone, Meet My Child, Somebody

I don’t know if Someone knows this, but my child, Somebody, suffers from severe anxiety. I don’t know why or how, Somebody just does. Somebody is not able to turn it on and off or decide when to worry or not. It is not easy for Somebody to pretend that everything is okay, all day, every day. Most of the time Somebody tries to be really happy, especially when Somebody is around Someone. Then there are days that Somebody’s anxiety is so high that Somebody feels nervous and sick. When Somebody is in class it can be hard for Somebody to sit still. When Somebody’s anxiety level is high, the anxiety starts to build up so much, that Somebody has to get rid of it somehow. Unfortunately, Somebody ends up fidgeting in their seat or Somebody may need to get up and walk it off. On really stressful days, it can get so bad that Somebody’s hands or feet may start to feel numb almost like they are going to sleep. In order for Somebody to get rid of that feeling, Somebody has to rub their hands together or walk to wake them up.

The best way to get Someone to understand what it is like living with anxiety is for Someone to imagine feeling their worst fear all the time or that feeling you get when you are about to make the first drop on a rollercoaster. Somebody tells me it really stinks. Our family wouldn’t wish this on anyone in the world. We wouldn’t wish it on Someone, even if it meant that Somebody would never be bullied or teased by Someone again. It is hard to live with, but Somebody chooses to be happy and tries not to dwell on it.

I hope that by sharing Somebody’s secret with Someone, they might choose to have a little more understanding and compassion not just for Somebody, but others that are struggling with Someone or Something too. I believe we will all struggle with Someone or Something at some point in our lives, so I write this for all of us out there that know Somebody struggling right now.

I am sure there is Someone out there that may want to continue to spread rumors or make fun of Somebody; there is nothing we can do to change that. Someone may be sitting laughing at Somebody right now. Well that is on you and your parents. It just has me wondering what must be going on in your life that makes you want to hurt Somebody for no other reason than to be mean. Someone, you could really be liked for being you and happy; rather than feared and mean. For those of you that stand up for Somebody, you are Somebody’s best friends and we can’t thank you enough. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do that for Somebody. We will be grateful and Somebody will be your friend for a lifetime.

To every Someone out there, friend or not, our family just wants you to know that no matter what, Somebody will not change who they are for Someone else. So maybe the next time Someone sees Somebody fidgeting or being “hyper”, Someone will remember what I have said here and just leave Somebody alone. For those of you that truly know Somebody, and the great person Somebody is, you are kind and a true friend. For you to look past Somebody’s “quirks” and like Somebody for the person they are is a testament to what kind of people you and your parents are. You really are Somebody’s hero and we just want to say thank you.

Finally, I hope that Someone remembers this…The only cure for ignorance is knowledge and I hope that you have learned Something about Somebody or Someone. Who knows maybe one day you will be Someone who wants to be Somebody’s friend. I only have one last question to ask… who are you?

Honored and proud to be,

Somebody’s Mom

Copyright 2013 T.Krim & All rights reserved

By: Tracy