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Show Your Bow to End Bullying

Posted: 8/15/2016

Hi, My name is Joey and I am an eighth grader in Colorado. My story is a sad one but it has a happy ending. When I was in fifth grade I was bullied by a group of boys because I did not fit in. You see I am a theater kid, I love acting and being on stage. These boys were into sports and since I did not like nor participate in sports I became their target. The teachers tried, but the boys were sneaky, and it was a very hard year.

The following year I moved schools for a new start. That is exactly what I had, with new friends. Unfortunately I still have the "stereotypes" that make me a target. I am very small, energetic, passionate and unique. One of my new "friends" got a bunch of students together and the spat on me in the cafeteria and walked away. I was emotionally upset. It was a wake up call! Do I want to be another statistic or do I want to help others not feel the pain and loneliness I went through? I made a decision then and there to make a difference for others.

With the help of my family, I decided to take my unique style and share it with the world. I have always worn bow ties and now I can customize them for anyone. I have science bowties, sports, music, anything you can think of I have a tie for that. I have created an ETSY sight and $1 of each tie goes to a bullying prevention organization to help all kids rise above and feel special. I want the world to SHOW YOUR BOW and END BULLYING.

Come see me on my site:

By: Joey