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Different Worlds, Best of Friends

Posted: 8/15/2016

Fred Grandinetti and David Hudon were bullied throughout their school years suffering verbal and physical abuse. Grandinetti was the target due to his interest in the arts while Hudon was bullied because of his height. Cuyle Carvin was, in his own words, a “jock” in high school and played on the football team. Upon graduation from college he chose an acting career.

In 2009 Fred Grandinetti met Cuyle Carvin while working on his award winning cable access series Drawing With Fred. As they became friends, they discussed encountering bullying and decided their shared experiences would make an interesting comic book. The publication titled Different Worlds, Best of Friends, depicts Grandinetti as a target of bullying while Carvin offered his friendship to a student being bullied. The story extends to the pair's eventual meeting and working relationship. David Hudon, who previously worked with Grandinetti on his cable access series, was asked to illustrate the story.

Fred Grandinetti said, “The story in the book is based upon true events. I hope people will follow Cuyle’s example- just because you’ve chosen sports as your passion you don’t have to bully people with other interests. As difficult as it may become to endure bullying and stick with your interests, do it. There are benefits and gaining a good friend is certainly one of them.” Throughout the story the reader sees the authors’ passion for treating people with kindness and for bullying prevention!

For more information on Different Worlds, Best of Friends, visit https://www.facebook.com/fred.grandinetti.

By: Anonymous