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Sharing Kindness: Gift from 100 Women Who Care Conejo Valley spreads bullying prevention message in California

Posted: 7/24/2018

The idea of 100 Women Who Care is simple: 100 women unite and use their combined resources to uplift charities in their community and across the nation. Four times a year, the group meets and members nominate, discuss, and vote on charities to support. On April 24th, 100 Women Who Care Conejo Valley chose PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, Los Angeles, to receive the largest donation they have ever given. Through the gifts of their membership, they gave $6,350 to preserve and strengthen PACER’S bullying prevention efforts in this area northwest of Los Angeles County. On July 25th, a representative from PACER’s NBPC attended their meeting to share with the group how their donation was used. Activities, outreach to local schools, resources, and more are planned in the Conejo Valley region to help create healthier school communities where kindness – not bullying – will flourish.