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Unity Day Efforts in Belle Fourche, SD

Posted: 4/30/2019

“The Unity Day effort in Belle Fourche, SD was led by our bus drivers. In addition many community members supported the program by donating time and money. Belle Fourche High School National Honor Society students taught Unity Day lessons to elementary students. Teachers, paraprofessionals, office support staff, and janitors were very supportive of Unity Day in a wide variety of ways including scheduling, making sure they all wore orange, and other special efforts. This whole-hearted support for Unity Day made it a day to remember for our students.

Unity Day impacted students and staff by helping us understand what bullying is and how we all play a part in preventing it. Students can prevent bullying through how they treat others, reporting bullying, and standing up for each other. Staff can prevent bullying by teaching social skills, investigating and responding to all reports of bullying, and setting a good example. Bullying is not a rite of passage!”