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The International Stage

Posted: 4/25/2019

Madison Starr Kunst, Miss Teen Pennsylvania International 2016, was proud to share information about PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center from the international stage at the Miss Teen International competition in Jacksonville, FL. Ten girls from the competition were given an opportunity to speak and even though Madison did not take home the crown, she was able to speak about her bullying prevention efforts and the importance of PACER.

At the age of 12 Madison experienced a very rough time due to bullying. She was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and needed to wear a back brace. She was teased nearly every day by her peers and even by some of her friends. She often asked herself why it was happening to her; why would others tell her she would never be successful? Madison’s platform of bullying prevention allows her to share her story and speak to others who do not think it possible to stand up for themselves and get help. She is working with student groups, sharing her “Don’t Let Bullying Define You” poster board and bracelets, and inviting them to sign a pledge against bullying. Madison is using her voice to make a change!