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“Keep Your Eyes Open” Bullying Prevention PSA

Posted: 1/15/2019

Pima Rock Band: Slideshow Images &emdash; "Keep Your Eyes Open" is an bullying prevention PSA with a unique positive message. The video shows the bystander effect and how you can help others - and maybe even change the path for someone caught up in bullying behavior. At our school, Pima Elementary, we recognize that many people are challenged by bullying everyday and sometimes they just need a little help. By being a better bystander, we can raise the expectations for behavior at school, in our community, and become positive influences for one another on a regular basis.

The video came together in March of 2013 during the last day of Spring Break. It was inspired by the imagery of the song "Eyes Open," by Taylor Swift, and the idea that dancing and staying confident in yourself can inspire others. Approximately thirty students, teachers, and parents met at the school and filmed several scenes under the hot Arizona sun. Additionally, all of the camera work, editing, and sound production was volunteered by parents and adults connected to the school, making it a complete community effort. The students in the video all worked very hard and learned both what it takes to make a video, and what it's like to be recognized as a school leader. Throughout the entire project, from the video footage to the recording of the song in a studio, the students were given an opportunity to make a difference in their community by taking an active role.