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Unity Awards. Celebrating those creating a world without bullying.

— 2022 Unity Award Recipient —

EllaGrace Clinger

Shalimar, FL

EllaGrace is an enthusiastic activist with aspirations of creating a global community and culture of unity, inclusion and kindness. Bullying prevention has always been her top priority. In elementary school she supported students who were left out or bullied and tried to redirect students who bullied. Now a high school student, she continues to lead with efforts including; successfully encouraging over 1,000 students to take a bullying prevention pledge, creating educational and motivational videos, supporting others, and distributing information. She’s a tutor for “at risk” students, a partner for individuals with disabilities and an ambassador for encouraging technology careers for girls. She has received multiple certifications in positive leadership and volunteers with several organizations, so she can more efficiently reach out to others. EllaGrace herself is considered “at risk” and has endured tragedies that could’ve easily defeated her spirit. Throughout everything she maintains 4.0+ GPA. She has gracefully conquered every obstacle in her path and continues strives to create a better world and a stronger, more united culture of kindness and inclusion.

Nominated by Anonymous

2022 Unity Award Acceptance

Making Real Change in the World

Why are you personally passionate about addressing bullying and promoting inclusion?

The most heartfelt way I can improve the quality of life for others is to address bullying and promote inclusion. Feelings of being valued, heard and accepted are universal. The knowledge that there are people in the world who are deprived of those basic needs fuels my passion to be a leader of change! If my voice and example can impact even just one person then I will have changed, or even saved, someone’s life. That is the best and most powerful thing any one person can do for another. There is no greater gift in the world than inclusion, compassion, and kindness!

Why is it important to create a world without bullying?

Bullying and exclusion are two of the biggest, most disastrous problems in the world. The frequency of the tragedies that result from these problems is increasing. There is a strong link between mental health struggles, educational obstacles, bullying, and exclusion. Bullying and exclusion negatively impact everyone, so kindness and unity have to be prioritized! We all have the power and ability to offer kindness, compassion, and inclusion! The world will be a better and safer place if we each offer these simple acts of kindness!