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Behind Her Back

Behind Her Back

She never expected that missing a sleepover would lead to this.


Kyle and I went to movie and he put his

arm around me oh my gosh no way are you

kidding me yeah it was so cute you're

just sitting there and all of a sudden

he stretched out and his arms around me

oh my gosh that's so amazing you two are

so good together

hey girls my mom said I can have you all

over on Friday for a sleepover can you

come oh I'm for sure can go I'll tell

Matt tonight my grandparents are coming

over for dinner sorry that's too bad but

Sophie you can come right right for sure

I'll remove you I'm so bummed I can't go

that's all right we'll fill you in you

won't miss anything

ah no way it's really too bad Jackie

couldn't be here yeah what do you guys

think already boyfriend yeah are so cute

I heard they went to a movie together

last weekend I bet you didn't hear what

they did at the movie right they made

out the entire time what

yeah that's gay what I know I can't

believe I just said that I don't know

what happened at the movie she and Kyle

probably didn't even hold hands it

happened what else matters yeah clearly

lie to us would you never we're BFF I

bet she makes out with everyone there

can be so mean but I'd rather have a

broom Jackie than me I wonder what she

says about me when I'm not around yeah

Jackie seems like that kind of person I

don't know why I'm agreeing with this I

guess the most important thing is that

everybody's having fun at my sleepover

all the kids at school hear about it and

I'll be even more popular but she's our

tragedy oh please like she'll ever find

out okay guys

I got that treatment once when I missed

his sleepover

I thought I was going to die I was so

hurt my friends would trash me behind my

back I have a confession to make I used

to be like Claire it seems so stupid now

but at the time trashing someone who

wasn't there was the way to be in to

belong it's weird it wasn't personal I

mean we actually liked the girl we

gossiped about it yeah that's just how

it is

trash or be trashed does it have to be

that way there's a lot of pressure to do

it but I think Sophie at the right idea

is saying she's our friend and I'm

stopping the trash train it's hard

though stand up against your posse I

wish somebody had done that when I was

ripping on my friends I didn't mean to

hurt them I still feel bad about that