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i have been bullied before but i took a stand and so it doesnt happen to me very much any more but it used to be bad! I still  hate the fact that other people are being bullied still. I  want to make a difference against bulling! Its not fair beacause we all should be treated right!!! 

Taylor - 11 - Georgia

Bullying should just stop RIGHT NOW. The people who had never been bullied before always say: "words don't hurt". Actually, they do. Alot. Since i was 4(i started kindergarten) it all began. Kids were calling me names and things like that. I was 11 when my class all set up an email to some person telling that i had just 4 more months to live because i had cancer. When i was 12 i went to highschool (that's how it goes here). I left all those "friends" from that school and went alone to a new school. I had SUCH an amazing year! I made alot of new friends who are still my friends right now as im 15. Though i met alot of fake friends in between. I was all happy till October. My niece couldn't handle her life anymore... i found her after i called the police that there was something very wrong. She was like a twin sister to me. She looked like me. We both had the same problems. We were always cheerin' up eachother. But it was to much for her what happend in her life. Because of that i went straight in a depression. I got help now from people that have their job to help people. Because im so shy, i can't say anything back to the people who bully. They always laugh at me and calling me names because of my weight. Im sick of it. But DEMI is helping me through everything with her music and her support to her fans. Someday i will stand up for myself. Someday. BULLYING SHOULD STOP NOW!!!!!

Tessa - 15 - Netherlands

i've always'd been bullied, even since 1st grade i've been called, fat,ugly,stupid,and a ton of other things. I have cut before, and tried killing myself. the school principal found out, and she didnt do anything. I get teased a lot, and I'm a vegetarian, and there is a rumor that this kid saw me at McDonalds, and I hate Mcdonalds! :'( and it just kept happening and happening. . .I just want all of this to stop. And I've been rejected before, too many times. I wish all bullying can stop, and the bully-ers realise what there doing is bad.!

shelbi - 12 - california

I hate it when people bully. I admit I used to do that; not anymore. I want to help. I want this to end. I'm creating a webstie where kids like me can go and chat about it and try to stop it. Kids can help kids, teens can help teens. But really, both are the same. We are all the future generation of America. We have to help. Stop bullying. Only we can.

Winter - 11 - Tennessee

I belive that people bully because it makes them feel better about themselves and to try to fit in with the other kids that think its cool. i think its wrong. i have been through bulling and its not fun. i think that who ever is bulling that they should look in the mirror and think to themselves "Y do i make someone elses life hard?"

Pollianna - 15 - Sidney, Michigan

"My brother is always being bullied.  It's sad because he has ALWAYS been an easy target, beause he is such a nice kid that he wont do anything about it.  He WONT say something back or stand up for himself when he needs too.  I think that many times these are the types of kids that are getting bullied.  And the only reason the bully is doing it is to make himself/ herself feel better.  I always feel bad for them personally.  It makes you think, what is going on wrong in their life to make them act like that?   I am awlays telling him, there is a reason they act like the way they do.  I also strongly beleive that schools need to step up their game when it comes to bullying. I know for a fact ( because I have seen it with my own eyes) that teachers see bullying and look the other way.  Bullying doesn't have to be physical either!!!  Remeber the saying "Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me?"  Come on...... words hurt worse than a bruise.....  Stop bullying. "

Abbey - 15 - United States

I care because I've been bullied all of my life. It hurts. I've never been physically bullied, but I've been emotionally bullied. People call me fat, ugly, worthless, ect. I don't want people to have to go through what I've been through. People need to know it's NOT okay to bully. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I've though of commiting suicide NUMEROUS times because of the amount of bullying that I've gone through, but Demi Lovato has helped me. Because of her I didn't. Because of HER I have someone to look up to. Because of HER I'm still alive. She is so inspirational and caring, I wish there were people like her at my school. Thank you, Demi, for saving me. Stop the bullying, spread the love.

Autumn - 13 - Colorado

there was a forward going around the school about me. one of my frinds was the one who made it up,too. sick of it. kids are killing themselves, they are getting tortured, and no one is doing anything about it! ive actually thought about and tried to commit suicide. im sorry-but people dont need to do this to each other, i wish they wouldnt---and hopefully  it stops. soon. :'(

livv - 13 - denver,colorado

I've been teased a LOT! And I don't even know why. The reason why I join Teens Against Bullying is because I want to make a difference, I don't want people in this world to suffer because of Bullying! I want them to feel how childhood really is and I want bullies to realize that they're just making a bad choice doing this. In my opinion if Bullies want to be treated nicely they have to earn it themselves. And This just needs to END!

Rose - 16 - Philippines

I'm getting targetted, too. However, even the small things can set me to steam because I have been bullied since grade school. If you've been bullied since then, do NOT trust them. They aren't your friends or anything. However, don't start the fights. If you do it YOU'RE being the bully

Kaitlyn - 13 - New Jersey

this happens in our country..Many teens are being bullied right now and I know we must do something to stop this..This really hurts. My classmates always bully my other classmates and many problems occur in our school just because of BULLYING. So I want to share this to all the teens or parents who are viewing this website so that they will realize that BULLYING is wrong... I want to thank the creator of this website for creating this and I wish that this will end.. 

Kaye - 11 - Philippines

and people will really hurt there self becouse what other people think about them 

jess - 14 - 0

i got bullyied

bob - 22 - indiana

i heard news from different countries and most of the issues are about BULLYING, i know how hard it is to be picked up by people just to make a laugh, i want to stop BULLYING....its the reason why i joined Teens Agsinst Bullying.

leony - 13 - phil

"Its true I've always been shy. I've never really been as wacky as I could have when I was younger. Today I am someone who is quiet, shy, someone who is afraid to try and make friends because of the fear of being called names again just because I seem awkward in other people's eyes. Ever since I transferred to another school when I was in prep I've been called names every single day just because I'm quiet. Because of the bullying, because of someone who pretended to be my friend, I am someone who is always alone. People don't want to be around me because of what others say. I've been called bugs bunny, okra, donkey kong, and many more.
I don't want others to be diminished. I don't want others to close the world just because of people who think their better than you. Its time to put a stop to this! SUPPORT THE CAUSE!

Alex - 15 - Philippines

I care about bullying because i know what it feels like all my elementry years i have been bullied and it hurts.Ive been called stupid gross and it hurts. I dont know why they would pick on me and really they shoyuld not pick on anyone!I will admit i have bullied sometimes but not as much as a real person would.I dont know why peopple bully?maybe its because they have been bullied or because they are very unhappy about themselves.I am sort of angry because when someone sees bullying going on they dont really do anything about they just sit there thinking that if i do something maybe they will do something to me.But if people are getting bullied they need to do something about it stan up to that bully and if you need to fight back do it protect your body!These are some common names that bullies call people,Gay Queer stupid ugly those are very hurtful words!Bullying is so strong sometimes that ppeople cause suicide!People should really stop bullying because if it does not stop soon it will be a very bad feeling to the people that are getting bullied. I don't understand why people thionk its funny to make fun of peole.  People bully over facebook myspace twitter and some really bad other things.Cyber bullying is one of the worst place people get bullied.That is why i care about bullying.!!!!:)

Jake - 11 - Cincinnati ,Ohio

I've seen bullying every where around school, and heard some bad things that happened to kids that been bullied. I had been bullied for a long time. But that didn't stop me from beileveing i Can't stop it from happening. Im young. Not a teen yet. But i am in elementry and these bullyings do happen, around school. On kid was getting bullied. and was so scared, he waited outside of his classroom crying and waited for the bell to ring. I want Bullying to stop.

Elisha - 11 - California

I get bullied beacus i'm slightly overweight. My best friend is also getting bullyed beacuse he stays home from school sometimes, anouther friend is having school at home beacus he's beaing bullied beacus he's realy overweight. I've threatened those people who bullying me I hope that the bullies anderstand what they've done to us and that they'll regret when they understand, i've cutten my self and i don't like it :'( but it's just an warning for the bullies that it's gonna happen something worse

besnik - 14 - sweden

I have been bullied For A long time now Around 5 years. It's a long complicated storie to do with My brothers girlfriend, her kids, Other kids, My so called friends and Facebook,Msn etc.

Bullying does not feel good nither does it make you happy and It is even worse when you have to face it alone. I see on the news sometimes Kids getting bullied and harming themelves and parents know nothing about it. 

People who bully are usarly people who have been bullied themeselves! So it starts with 1 porson then another then another. Like a rollcoster. And at one point there is a time where its time to get off.

There has been SO MANY lives lost and Lives harmed by bullying and Much more. People dont realise how seriouse it is. Just a little bit of teasing and laughter they think. But the porson on the other end dosnt feel that way!

I dont want any more people In the world to have to suffer from bullying. I know This comment wont get anyone to stop bullying. Because when they start there is no stopping for a long time. But at Least I tried. And thats all we can do :) !

Tyra - 13 - England/Derby

bulling is very horrible. ive seen on the news everyday people dying because either they have called gay or been made fun of. i dont understand how people can make fun of other people to make a luagh. i just think one day it will all end! <3 Amen! i give my heart to all the people being bullied! :)

Krystal the beast :) - 13 - mcallen texas

Ive been bullied by four of my best frineds. it did not feel all started on school they called me names and they teased me.i just cant imagine what other kids go through each day.this REALLY NEEDS TO STOP! because the person thats bullying you or another person, one day they will regret it!

Maggie - 13 - Illinois

I was bullied all the time from Elem~High school!! I'm in a wheelchair & I have been all my life b/c I have spina bifida & nobody really understood why,& I know that's not an excuse,but of course a a kid in Elem & middle school u kinda just have to believe it,the worst thing that I've ever had anyone say to/about me was actually when when we were in Science class,I think I was in like 7th grade @ the time & we were learning about ramps (inclimbed planes & that kinda thing) & anyways the guy that was ALWAYS the main one picking on me through middle school raised his hand & goes "o so you mean that ramps are only for retarted people!" & I just looked @ him (w/o saying anything back) & I was wanting to scream SO bad,but I knew that wouldnt do anything,prob just get me into trouble,but luckily I had my 3 best friends sitting around me in that class & when they heard the guy say that they were all like "just calm down dont freak out! that's all he wants is for u to say something back to him" & I didnt b/c thats all they want is to see if ur strong enough to say something back!,but in reality being the stronger person is when u DONT!! 

Brittany - 20 - Vivian,La

I care because i was bullied before. Bullying people is the worst thing you can do to someone. The group of girls that bullied me tried to beat me up and ruin my life. One of them lied to my Mom and the others just wrote me hate notes and wrote inside of my desk with a sharpie. After a while i felt so misrable i had panic attacks. My Mom and Dad got me a therapist, but it didn't help. What those girls would do to me was so mean. My principal and I had a lot of talks. They said it was normal midddle school problems. They didn't help and i ended up switching schools in the middle of the year. My new friends are so nice and i m finally happy. The only thing that makes me sad is knowing that because i left someone else might be getting hurt by those same girls. Bullying needs to stop.

Danielle - 12 - New York

wy do people bully.

cruz - 9 - iowa

im in high school and have been bullied for 3 years now. the bullies made me feel like it was my fault and i was a bad person, but its not true at all. they took away everything from me until i was alone and had nothing left. i have tried to kill myself which was stupid but at the time it feels like you have no way out. i didn't want to tell my parents becuase i was scared they would think i was a wimp or pathetic but just talking makes it you feel so much better. Dont let them make you feel like your nothing.

abbie - 16 - England

i am bullied all the time at school. over the summer i changed my look and went back to school, but im still bullied. im not the smartest person but i want to make my parents proud so i try to stay on task in school but its really hard when kids tease you all of the time. i have a few friends but not many, most of my "friends" talk about me behind my back. i have thought about killin gmyself at this young age but i havnt only because of my parents. i dont tell them about what goes on at school becuase im afriad. iv told my addvisor and tons of teachers at my school about being teased. they try to help but the other kids dont really care. i have been picked on since the 2nd grade mostly because i have red hair. everyone calls me mean names about my hair and no matter how hard i try to change my look everyone always has something mean to say. i am hopeless now and i dont know if i can continue on. i stay hopeful becuase i want there to be an end to bullying

Katherine - 13 - FL

My sister used to be cyber bullied. She was always upset about something. It made me sad to see her like that.....TEENS AGAINST BULLYING!!!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddy - 14 - Rhode Island

a friend was bullied and i've seen how much it hurts...
I hope the bullying will stop!

Eline - 12 - Belgum

I care because when I was bullied I felt like nobody wanted to help me and that nobody cared, not even the teachers who I thought cared I signed the petition cause I want this to end

Mallory - 13 - Canada

I have been bullied in the past by many people who underminded me and said that i would never acheive anything. However the bullying i received has not ended my dreams and the bullying only got one thing from me and that was not to give up but try even harder so i could prove them wrong.
I gained my confidence by being involved in a charity called Roots and Shoots. The Roots and Shoots Programme was created by Dr Jane Goodall  to help the youth of today understand how to help the enviroment and the wildlife as well as ideas on how to help your local community. I beleive that bullying as a whole should be stopped. So be inspired and get involved. 
Lets all put a stop to bullying.                           

John - 14 - Inverness in Scotland

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