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I go to a small school. They only have 15 9th graders. So of course every class or school needs a queen bee right? They didn't call me names, but they isolate me...slowly. And it get's worse each day. They made me feel like a total loser. One of the guys even dare to write "DIE" on my desk. My parents knew and they're doing their best to help me. Sometimes it makes me think that i deserve it. And there was one point that i was too afraid to even say anything to anyone, because i was afraid that I would say something wrong. They didn't only isolate me, but they also did cyber bullying. I had suicidal thoughts. I cried every sunday night because i didnt want to go to school the next morning. School used to be a second home to me, but now i don't feel safe there. I have a hard time trusting people because of that. A girl who i thought was my bff, back stabbed me, though she used to come to my house and eat dinner there. But i never showed how i feel at school. My parents knew about this and their trying their best to help. I am going to move school in January. So please, END BULLYING!!! We are all special in our own ways... :)

Angelina - 14 - ID

I can't be silent any longer.  I was a former bullied teen.  More than that, I was a bullied teen who tried to commit suicide 12 years ago because I couldn't take it anymore, and I didn't know of a way out.  After reading the latest suicides from two months ago, the old memories began to relive in my mind and I remember that those stories were almost mine.  And it must be stopped right now.  If you are being bullied, and you feel like there is no out, find support immediately.  Suicide is not the answer.  there are people who care, look, reach out, don't stop until you do.  And for those who used to be bullied and are reliving the pain, don't become the victim, there are people out there who will also help you, therapist, support groups, that will help you accept yourself as you are.  For all of us, as victims and former victims, we can stop this madness.  We can make a stand today.

Samantha - 30 - CA

I have been cyberbullyed. It was AWFUL! For the first time in my life I was scared to go by a computer. I thought that was thw worst time of my life. If I thought that was bad, I wonder what it's like being physically hurt. That's why I care.

Madeline - 9 - ny

some of my friends bullied a girl in my class,who was my friend too ,so I went to them and said that it is not okay but after that they started to rail about me.At first it was horrible to know that they are railing about me and my friend but now I just dont care becuase I got  confident because of that.And to tell the truth :at first I was one of them too.I bullied others too but after all that things that happened,I realized that it is so wrong .The people who bully others are the idiots !

Juliana - 14 - D

I have been bullied before and it doesn't feel good to feel like your going to get beat up everyday you go to school. I get bullied everyday by people that hate me I have no idea why they hate me i don't know what I did wrong, sometimes they lie about me and make me have to go to the pricable for something that I didn't even do but I eventually get over it, it doen't feel good to get bullied and I want it to stop.

Bella - 11 - UT

I heard my friends talking that they will go to the mall together this Saturday to buy dresses for our class Christmas party, and I asked I could go with them, they said "ok". Right after that, my  bestfriend said that they are gonna switch to plan B. I asked them what plan B was and no one  answered me. When the rest of the my friends left, I asked one of my friends to tell what their plan B was, she said that their plan B was to ditch me at the mall. I felt disappointed cause I thought that they were one of my good friends. I deactivated mt Facebook account but reactivated it to see their pictures at the mall and it really hurt me knowing that they didn't feel bad about ditching me.

Kathryn Mier - 12 - Ph

i am being bullied right now and itdidnt feel very good but i got alot of support by my friends and family so if you know someone or you are being bullid right now tell someone becuase thats wat i did and i am still being bullied but its not affecting me becuase of the support i got   HELP STOP BULLIYING NOW I AM A KID AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           

yeni - 11 - sd

Bullying is lethal. You may not look at it that way but that is essenially what it is. I wasn't ever bullied but I have seen kids get bullied and the outcome is never good. Even though I wasn't bullied I still do something a lot of bullied kids do. I cut myself. Not for attention like most people think cutters do. To be honest, cutting is a way to control your pain and I don't think anyone should have to resort to this method. And then if people notice you cut thats just another thing they bully about. If people could just understand what bullying causes - emotionally and physically - maybe it could stop. If people could just understand the reason bullied kids do the things they do to cope maybe it could stop. Please stop bullying and if you are being bullied know that its okay and to look for help. There is always someone who can help. Everyone should be aware and active in the fight against bullying.

Brooke - 19 - UT

Nobody deserves to be bullied for who they are, that's what makes the world so much better. No two people are alike so why bully someone who is different because everyone is different! Bullying needs to be stopped! I'm ready to join with other teens to stop bullying!

Melanie - 15 - AR

If you know someone who is being bullied reach out to them, take action. Tell them to talk with someone that can help! It's amazing how much a few friends can help. 

Grace - 15 - FL

every child should have the right to attend school in a safe and respectful educational environment. Children can be so cruel to one another. They need to be taught tolerance and kindness at home so it becomes second nature to them in all walks of their lives. School should be an exciting place for children to go to, not something they fear. 

Marjorie - 63 - White Plains, New York

Me alone I believe is being bullied, it's hard because nobody understands. They started out being my friend but then internet abuse started and to make things worse I have no confidence so at school they take everychance they get to break my confidence down futher. They make things up one of them kicked me in the groin and it hurt, it really hurt. When people confronted them about this they said I was lying and I made it up but I didnt they even made me doubt myself about it, doubt it never happened! I hate it I feel horrible, i wish it would just go away. 

Olivia - 12 - uk

I know how it feels being bullied. And I want it to be over and i'm tired of everyone bullying me. Making fun of me, throwing my homework on the floor and calling me a freak. I been bullied for three years and i cant  take it anymore. I'm losing my focus. Nobody sits around me, doesnt even talk to me, and they talk behind my back. I want to make a change about this. One day I will just forget about the bullying moments.

Saramaya - 10 - IL

"I was bullied from the first to the sixth grade, then I moved schools. It really hurts when the bullys tell you mean stuff. It made me want to kill myself. I cut myself all the time because i can still hear what theyre saying. Sometimes I'll have flashbaks of them slapping me to the point where I got frustrated and cried. I know how it feels to be bullied. I still cut myself but I'm trying to get help,i just dont know how to ask. I have suicidal thoughts too. I hide my body by wearing long clothes,even in the heat. Please stop bullying,in a way it saves lifes if you dont bully."

Marie - 14 - ca

Even though i have never been bullied or anyone i knew was i still think its a horrible thing.Bullies should realize what there doing and why it isnt right to just pick on someone who does absolutley nothing to you. everybody is there unique self and the shouldnt be bullied by it and im here to help fight against the cruelty of bullying 

odalys - 12 - IL

I know how it is... I know how it hurts. That's unnatural. Unnatural because you think people will be nice to you, as it is in home. The expectation pierced hurts, the surprise, the fright is terrible. People being rude and violent to you just 'cause you're not the same way they are... the "correct" way. What the hell, can't you be yourself? Can't you have your own style? What is worst? Being beaten or not having control of yourself, your feelings and opinions? Why loose your time? They don't give this kind of choice.
I went through almost every type of bullying. But what affected me the most was people destroying my dreams and i did nothing.
I remember that I was going to sing in a festival of school, i was so exciting! But i wasn't the only... And for the competition a had to be detonated, so i'd be emotionally scarred, i assumed. The worst is that they succeeded. Since that i don't really believe in myself singing. I'm so insecure, my voice just hangs when i'm not alone. I don't know what to do! Music is my life, but bullying destroyed that. I feel weak to not overcome this situation, but i do nothing for that.
And nowadays people just don't accept the way i am. 

Ingrid - 15 - RJ

I have a little sister, I never knew what bullying really was until she began middle school, most likely the toughest time of her life. I began to notice she was acting distant from her friends down the street, and that everytime we would leave the house, they would stick their tounges out at her and call her names. She began to stay alone in her room a lot and after a while I noticed scars on her wrists. This worried me a lot, I told my step mom and one more person. We then thought it was just for attention and backed off from it for a while to see if it progressed. After a month or 2 we are in my car, and she rolled up her sleeve saying she was hot, I just happened to notice that the scars were on both arms now, and deeper cuts. I asked her if there was anything she wanted to talk to me about and she said no, but it felt like she was screaming yes. One day she finally came up to me and told me girls at school were calling her fat, and ugly and she was really hurt and thought about taking her own life, (hense the cuts) but she realized that life was not about making people happy, its  about makin yourself happy. I am so proud to call her my little sis. I AM 100% AGAINST BULLYING!

Shelby - 19 - Mo

I have been bullied for a long time and because of that loads of my friends were gone. But it was usually cause I was always getting used cause every year I had a different friend and then they still left me. I told my family but they told me that you don't need friends and i usually got bullied because well i am not sure but my friend told me this that because i smell and i think that i don't and then ontop of that i am going to a new school and me and my family always care about my brother and not me. Even when I want to cry the tears won't come out and i made a promise that i wouldn't cry infront of my parents cause they scold me if i do.

Esha - 11 - DE

i care because i know what it's like to feel lost, lonely, and like the feelings of sadness and pain would never go away. i felt like there was nobody in this world that could understand my thoughts or view the world through eyes like mine. i needed support but was too afraid to let anybody into my world. i wasn't as lucky as youth are now with websites and hotlines available with truly caring mentors eager to listen and support. i urge anybody thats struggling to speak out. whether it be through a parent, sibling, email, phone call.. let your voice be heard. you are NOT alone. there IS hope. trust me, it gets so much better.

Stephanie - 20 - Texas

when i first moved to a new school i felt scared and insecure because all the other girls had their own little group and i was way to shy to go up to the guys cuz i was scared that they'd make fun of me. I was alone for my first 2 weeks i only went a few days in that 2 weeks though, i couldnt make it through the day ever, but one day a girl came up to me and asked if i wanted to come and hang out with them after school, so i went and hung out with them and now 3 years down the road im friends with my whole class and everybody says im fun to be around all because that one girl felt really guilty about me being alone 24/7! I  wish everyone was like that because this bullying is so mean and it causes a lot of peaople to turn to suicide ! I BELIEVE ... so should you!! us teens can make the world a better place only if you believe in yourself!!!

Samanthe - 12 - CA

I care because, one of my best friends in the hole entire world was bullied so bad, she started cutting herself. I tried to stop it and it stopped because i tried my best. But she could still hear what people said behind her back. Scince she was always alone at the lunch table i had to sit with her. But my friends said if your gonna sit with her you cant sit with us anymore. And i gave up my friends for her. But one of my friends came too. It became so bad she swiched schools. And on top of everything else her father died. So she was totaly heartbroken. She had no one. THE END.

Elissa - 11 - NY

I have been bullied so many times I've lost count, and at one point I was nearly suicidal, so i know how bad it is, and i think it shouldn't even exist. The good thing for me was that i hade my friends and family to help me through it, and I'm actually helping a friend through a bad time with bullying, so it's nice to know someone is there for you, but alot of people don't have that. I would really like to make a difference and help other kids out there to not go through what I've been through! :)

Rachel - 14 - UK

I care because I have been bullied since the 4th grade and now im in 10th. and i still get bullied. It has been like a know like one year the bullying would not be that bad....but one year it would. i have been bullyied mostley cause i have a big nose and being called ugly cause of it hurts alot and to me it makes me feel well of course UGLY and insecure and not confident. even the people who i think are my friends say rude little comments that hurt. i mean saying comments even when joking is still like hurts. i havent really....well actually i NEVER talked to anyone about this is my first time saying anything. the main reason to this is because im embarresed but I have been holding on and am really glad the bullying is not as bad as it could be. and i want everyone who is reading this and has been bullied to know that....these people who are picking on you are going to go away. so try and stay confident....and remember PEOPLE CARE <3 

Joelle - 15 - NJ

i'm being bullied.and it can make you feel mad or sad . because i know this because on the weekend i am a happy funny girl but on the school days when i get home i'm mad but in the inside i'm sad . my family asked me way are you mad  and i say because i feel tired and they say your always to tierd to do anything . but really it's because i'm being bullied so i know how it feels

michelle - 9 - Tx

Bullying is not okay. Even little comments people write about you on the bathroom wall at school is not okay. I have been bullied before, probably not as harshly as a lot of people have, but I know what it feels like when your world is crashing around you and you have no idea what is going to happen next. I have seen people who have just centered their world around what people say about them and it is tragic. Bullying seems to make people feel better about themselves because the person doing the bullying is uncapable of facing their own problems. It is terrible what people do to get away from their bullying. Remember it is never your fault if you are getting bullied. I AM AGAINST BULLYING COMPLETELY!

Anna - 14 - SC

I was bullied for years. Year after year I got made fun of. When I transitioned to high school I hoped I would have a fresh start, but I was just picked on more. I became a bully myself. I started making fun of others. There are many reasons why I did it. I had to feel better about myself by putting down others, I did it because I wanted the spotlight of being humiliated to be put on someone else. I didn't realize how bad it was until I made someone cry. They were so embarassed they went home early. How do I apologize for something like that? I'm going to stop bullying because I know what it's like on both ends of the bullying.

Bethany - 15 - TX

I've been bullied since I was 10 years old.It started with the people I thought were friends.  I've been called nasty and told I have bugs in my hair.  I've been called poor because i had to shop at the Dollar Store.  I've been called gay because I have gay friends.  To this day I get asked if I'm anorexic or if I have an eating problem because I'm scrawny.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I stopped caring what other people thought and said about me because the people whose opinion mattered to me knew that what was being said wasn't true.  But I can't just act like one of the victims because I have to admit that me and my friends helped bully a girl so bad in 8th grade that she switched schools. It haunts me every day that I helped to that to that girl because it wasnt me and I have never gotten the chance to apologize to her.  Bullying isnt fun and I don't think any of us actually realize what our bullying does or how it makes people feel.

Kirsti - 18 - TX

"it hurts to see no one was making a difference until now its kids that are obese and no one really cant say anything because their scared that no one will help their scared that teachers friends any one will look down on them and if the teachers counselers dont help they just keep getting bullied SPEAK OUT SPEAK NOW show respect show love get in their shoes and feel their pain and show compassion!!!!!!!!!

Christi - 12 - IL

im losing confidence in myself. Getting pushed around during school hours and as seeing those people never getting caught. Getting bullied about my size,my weight,and my height is painfull. Teachers see you get bullied yet they dont do nothing to stop them. People like me dont know much but we still get hurt.We get this awful pain inside. I'm a 13 year old girl who is losing confidence in herself but still wants to change the world and make a difference and gain that confidence back to become a better yet stronger person in life.

yanette - 13 - MA

I care because I am bullied for a severe peanut allergy.  I am not only bullied but threatened and the school will do nothing about it.  A few girls think it's funny to say they want to shove peanut butter in my face.  This has been going on since last year after I stood up for someone that was getting verbally bullied behind their back and this bullying and threatening continues into high school. They don't understand that I'm scared for my life.  I want to make a difference and try to stop bullying!! 

Jessica - 14 - NY

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