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Many of my friends killed themselves because of the bullying. I am not the same now. That is why I am against this.

Charlie - 13 - IL

Bullies scar people for life and I want our youth to make this world a better place not worse.

melissa - 37 - Maryland/Baltimore

i believe people that bullys need to have someone to talk to ,to find out whats happening at home. Theres something  thats going on at home  thats making they take it out on them becauise they want them to feel the way the y feel so they want be the  only ones left out and stuff you know

tytiana - 11 - co

Here in Germany many teens and children are so concious of themselves and criticise others to make themselves feel great. In fifth through seventh grade I was bullied for my looks and personality. It was so hard to get through it, but I knew I would make it through if I believed in myself. I  have become so strong. I can just encourage everyone to be the strongest and most positiv you, you can be!

Aerin - 17 - /

I'm always bullied and i'm even goin to thereopy .I get scared because i know that she'll fight me,hurt, or do anything to put me down.  Now one of my best friends started backin the bully and i'm tired of it.

Lindsey - 10 - VA

errrr. i knew an awesome girl... she was bullied because of horrible rumores. she saw only one wy out,,, I am against bullying

sara - 15 - ca

i care, my lil brother who is a special child was bullied, i love my little brother. and i can't do anything cause i'm far from him and i really want to protect my brother from bullies, my lil brother was love in school, my family and his friends. i care for those who are being bullied like my kid brother, teachers and the school faculty members should do something about it. one of his classmates hit his head on the table, and i felt horrible just hearing about it. hope someone can do something. i can't just sit here and do nothing. 

veronica - 20 - CA

icare because there is a girl at my school no one likes her because she is mean to every one.

katie - 11 - wi

i was a bully once and i feel bad about it.

Jarek Henneman - 11 - Wi


Stacie - 12 - fl

My brother gets bullied becasuse he has a cleff-pallet (Speaking disorder) And seeing how we're twins people like to pick on the both of us. It doesn't really bother me that I get picked on, but it bothers me to no end when it happens to my brother. We might fight a lot, but when it comes to something like that, I'm the first person to jump the bullys case over it. Since we moved to our new school he hasn't had any problems, and we've been able to meet new people and have new friends.

Linsey - 15 - AR

Me and my friends are bullied every day for being smart and normal, not boy crazy and mean. I have no idea what I did to these people, but they seem to hate me and my BFF Rach the most. We never did anything, honest. They refuse to work with us, call our names out, and call us derigitory things. I go to a Catholic school, which makes everything harder, because our teachers refuse to believe these kids would do anything. I wanna leave school so bad, and I cry a lot. I want to stop this NOW.

Kiki - 14 - NJ

I feel so bad when I hear stories about kids getting bullied. No body deserves the things people say about them. It angers me when people make fun of someone for being really smart, or when they are really dumb. Even if someone annoys you sometimes doesn't mean you have to make their lives miserable! Every one is special in their own way. Everyone has feelings and everyone wants to be accepted! If you are being bullied just know that we are all out here supporting you and you don't have to feel bad. Every one is created equally. No body is superior to anybody. Theres a song that goes, "let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me" if that was everyone's motto, imagine  how wonderful the world would be! I personally have never been a target of bullying, but I still care because NO ONE deserves to be treated badly.

Elle - 14 - FL

i get cyber bullied sometimes and i know how it feels to be treated like that and i don't want it to keep going!

Emily - 11 - V

My freind Maddy and I were bullied. Maddy was bullied because she went somewhere for extra help and a girl though that she was so dumb that she had to have someone help her work. I was bullied because I wasn't popular. I would want to play a game and they would say that I wasn't popular enough to play. Then the girl that told me I couldn't play would call me names like "Idiot" "dumb head" and she would pick on me. Later the following year she left but her friend were still being mean and bullying me. Last year I started to get better for me but my friends all tranfered schools and I haven't seen any since 5 grade promotion. 

Nina - 11 - CA

I've been bullied since the 3rd grade. At first it was because I was white and since my mom and dad are from Chicago, Illinios, they didn't know how to deal with it. I've put up with it ever since then. Before I would just go to the bathroom and cry for about half of a lesson and wouldn't really talk to anybody. As I grew, I don't cry over it, at all, I just went to tell a teacher to parent for help and if that doesn't work, I know now that it's bad an all but I just snap back at them. Now that I grew up and learned, I just ignore them but its really ahrd because they don't pick on me because I'm white, but my religion. It's gettng harder now to not snap back but I don't because I have my friends to back me up. If I don't tell they will. I'm just happy to have friends that care. I'm tired of being bullied and it's just tearing people's lives apart. I want it to stop, now.

TJ - 14 - SC

I was bullyed all throughout elementry school. The pain i had from all the negativity was terrible. I still remember the words they said. I will never remember what they looked like, if they were popular or not. The bullying that I went through was so bad that I felt depressed. I never want to see it happen to someone. No one should ever go through that. But if you are, understand that you are not alone.

Sierra - 14 - CA

i know how the teens feel who are being bullied because i was bullied all threw elementary and somewhat middle school. Its not a good feeling at all i came to a point where I tried to change who i was because i had become so insecure about myself. So I would do anything to help stop the bullying because too many teens are committing suicide they need to know that someone is on their side. I really don't cae who you are if you're being bullied trust me I have your back. So whatever I can do to help I will. Everyone is in my praers and God Bless you all

Dyamond - 18 - CA

i am a football player and people say football players are bullyes and were not were aginst it and thats all.

holleyo - 15 - tx

"Sticks and Stones May break my bones......." words can hurt a whole lot more than actions. I heard a story about a guy that was so depressed from bullying and was planning suicide, but someone he hadnt seen or talked to for years stopped by one night and talked to him. He had felt worthless, hated, and just so torn down that he didnt want to be alive. But when that one person came and visited him, he changed his views completely and is alive. This story shows that even the smallest things you do can prevent or even stop bullying. Stand up for others when they need you. Because just by smiling or saying hello when you walk by can save someones life when they are being bullied. Think about how you're hurting someone before you laugh or criticize that "dorky" kid or the "loser" who has no friends. I am against bullying.

Ashley - 14 - AL

I was the short kid with glasses in superficial, look oriented southern California.  I attended a Christian school from kindergarten to my senior year in high school and learned that it doesn't matter what type of school you receive your edcation from, if you are different, kids will target you!  My experiences still haunt me to this day, mostly they arise when I read or hear a story about soemone killing themselves due to relentless, needless bullying.

I will say that it does get better after high school; so, if you are getting bullied right now, there is hope.  Please, don't do anything drastic!  Those bullies really aren't worth hurting yourself over.  They are just as insecure as you are, believe it or not!  If they don't change their behavior, they will end up losing at life....guaranteed!  So, embrace who you are and your differences!  They are something to be proud of!  If you see a classmate or soemone you don't know in school being bullied, please don't ignore them! Just ignoring them, as so often happens, makes them think they deserve it and they don't! They are hurting and could use someone to talk to.  You could make a huge difference in their lives, you may even save a life!  

Chris - 42 - Brooklyn, NY

My name is Angelica. My best friends name is Ashley Gomez. I am her only friend. She is suffering for Ceberal Palsey and can not Walk, her left arm is deformed. She has been bullied her whole life. I am her first reak friend. She is actually 20 years old. I am 13. Its very sad. She may never marry, she may never have kids, These are serisous possibilities that come to her mind everyday. She cries herself to sleep every night. Ashley Gomez, I love you. I will always be here for you <3 And Anyone else who need me, Im here No matter what!! I love you all!! Im trying my best to stop bullying!! I too left public school to be homeschooled. I am homeschooled through connections academy, where I have met other students who have the same problem as me. I was not bullied. But I watched it happen everyday. I tried my best to stop it. Nothing worked. I was sick of listening to all of the harsh horrible things people said. So I left school. I now go to school to school giving speeches. I love you all <3

Angelica - 13 - CO

I am a substitute teacher in middle and high schools, and I see almost daily the terrible toll that bullying and taunting can take. I have seen kids become targets because poverty or homelessness caused them to dress unfashionably or bathe less often than they would like; Asperger's syndrome or some other behavioral disability caused them to act differently; they were gay or simply perceived as being gay; they had speech impediments or spoke English as a second language; because bad home lives or traumatic events had caused them to withdraw or act out in anger. Usually, the students being bullied already feel "different", like outsiders looking in on a world they would like to be accepted as a part of. The taunting and bullying and hurtful actions -that might just anger an average student who has many of the developmental assets needed in life -are so much MORE damaging to students already wrestling with these other issues in their lives. All kids have the potential to learn, grow, develop relationships, and become successful in their own way; but I have seen that potential squashed by thoughtless, ignorant comments and petty, hateful students who want to feel "superior". 

Kelleen - 44 - WA

I was bullied and it was a seriosu case to me . I cried and refuse to go to school cause they will make fun of me . I used to bullied people in elementry school , and it didn't felt good . Actually i felt bad . Now that i was being bullied , i realize that how much pain i cause to the people i hurt . This site change me , to a way better person . Demi Lovato' is truly a great role model .

Farra - 14 - MA

Many people sufffer from bullying daily and there is always a bystander who choses not to say a thing to the teacher or an adult. The victim is hurt more not by the bully but by the bystander. But once in every ten teens there is a bystander that will tell a teacher and save a person from death and bullying. I even suffered from it at a very young age by a classmate and her sister. My brother who is 11 years older than I said nothing to my mom and he saw it everyday. I finally stepped up and told her. Now whenever I see bullying I stop it. I  hope you agree with this last sentence. I WANT TO BE THE ONE IN TEN TEENS TO SAVE MANY PEOPLE FROM BULLYING AND I HOPE YOU DO TO!

Morgan White - 14 - NE

Most people think that when you are bullied it means physically and that it happens mostly at school. This isn't the case. I was bullied for 8 years. 4 years during my high school years and for 4 years over the internet. It was the bullying I endured over the internet that had the biggest impact on my life. This woman was 10 years older than I was, nearly 30. I didn't understand why she bullied me and I still don't know to this day why she chose me as her victim. It took me 3 years to finally go to my parents and talk to them about it but once I did it helped me find the strength I needed to stand up and say "I will no longer let you treat me like this" 

To everyone being bullied out there in the world. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Please talk to someone whether it be your parents, friends or even someone over the internet you are close to. There is always someone who is willing to listen :) Remember you are loved by the people that matter and don't let these people get you down.

Nathalie - 22 - LA

I have been bullied since elementary school. Because I was younger, didn't have any friends and felt lonely. At elementary school I didn't care. But when I went to secondary school, it became a problem. I didn't said anything and I still am very emotional. So it was easy to pick on me. I told adult about it so many times. But it happened so many times that they wouldn't believe me. They thought that I was appointing. Because the boys fought with words. I never wanted to do anything back, 'cause I was in love with a boy in the same class. And I always wanted everyone to like me. Now I see it is impossible...  But then I thought I was being realistic. Because of the bullying I became even more quiet, scared, emotional. I even wanted to commit suicide. I didn't dare to... Eventually, after two years of bullying in secondary school, I went to an other class. One of my two friends had exactly the same problem... So we went to the same class ad the bullying became less and then it stopped. Nowadays I still don't like to work/talk with the bullies, but someitmes I have to. I still get negative comments but I now I know better how I to deal with it.

Anita - 14 - NL

I Was Bullyed Like Many Others, I Dont Respect people's Who Do It. There Is NO Reason To Bullying, STOP BULLTING RIGHT NOW!!!
People Dont No What Happen To People Who Is Bullyed, They Feel LIke NO One Cares About THem, But We Really Do!

Marwa - 11 - DK

Im a victim of bullying too.Its no fun and no joke.Getting teased, getting your stuff taken, and other people ganging up on you just to hurt you hurts, deeply. You feel like you cant do anything you look down on yourself.You feel alone and scared. But dont look down on yourself look up. Things will start to get better, yes it hurts to be made fun of and yes it hurts to be ignored or tortured, but you only have to deal with them through school. Once your outta school the bullying will be over and you can enjoy your life! And if the bullying gets beyond control tell an adult or smoeone and get help. Hope this helps someone! Love you all!!!

Chase - 15 - OH

people dont understand how bad bulliying affects people whether if your the target or the bystander watching the bullying. personaly i have been in the postion of getting bullied and yes it does hurt but that doesnt give people a right to make someones life miserable just because they dont like them or they have something that someone else dosent have. no ones life is better than someone elses. stand up against it and do something and if YOUR doing the bullying then stop doing it!!!!

naomi - 14 - tx

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