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I was bullyed more than once because of my weight, and I never knew why but as I got older I was getting hurassed and I was so upset that I could go to lunch because I was so scared of the concequences of the boy saying rude things to me and being desturbing.  I was so glad that my friends went to an adult and talked to them about what the person was doing to me.  I never knew that people could be like that.  But my friends were their for me to help me go through it and I didn't have to go through it by myself and I  had a great support system that helped me every step of the way.  I was so scared that I would have to go through it alone but my friends helped me and gave me a shoulder to cry on.  I never new that I could be a target for people to pick on but now I know that bullying is a big thing that is going on in the world.

Melinda - 15 - OH

The peson who is getting bullied shouldn't dervese it! I have been bullied and it hurt so much but I didn't have the guts to tell my mum. The person who was bullying me was one of my bestfriends (She isn't anymore). She kept on telling all my friends to not hang out with me so I went around bymeslf. NO ONE should feel lefted out or hurt! Some people just bully because their friends do or they think its funny but how would they feel when someone bullys them? If I had one wish I would wish that bullying stops now and let us live in a happy world. NO ONE should derverse this... NO ONE!

Chloe - 11 - UK

Bullying just wrecked my life, now I'm always caring about what people say, and I know I'll never be the same. An innocent joke between friends can be the undoing for a teenager. And I just don't want my little brother and cousins go through the same. End to bullying, I beg.

Patty - 15 - Br

I've been through it so many times people think because they know my name they know my story. There have been so many nights where I've gone home to look in the mirror and loose my self in my shadow and to come up with these insecurities and low self esteem out of no where and began crying for hours . I hear a repeated echo in my head that lingers their words telling me lies and verbal abuse day after day that after hearing it so many times I start to believe . And I hope one day I can walk on my school campus and say I don't care that I'm my own person. No one needs to go through this for me it was enough at home then to go to school and hear from someone who has no clue isn't right. One day I will change it for girls across the country to stand united as one and face our fears and mend our scars.

Marissa - 16 - CA, United States

I know how most people feel when the get bullied because I was one of them... I know how hard it is to deal with it, and I know it doesnt go away just like that. But I learned that life doesnt have too be soo hard and I  know that we dont have to be one of those people who can break us down when things get too ruff. I believe that people who are bullied have the will to stand strong and think " Hey, im going to be my own person and im not going to let anyone bring me down."  :)

meghan - 15 - on

I've been bullied my whole life because of my weight and how i look, i'm the kind of girl who's always said something to hurt, and i really don't care about the "WHAT WOULD THEY THINK" but some of those words been said to me , still hurt ,so i JOIN AND SUPPORT this organization to get some help and HELP other kids bullied too... WE GOTTA REMEMBER WE ARE NOT ALONE, every teen that comments here can be YOUR come on LET'S HELP AND FINISH BULLYING.. :)

Karen - 13 - FL

I am never bullied because everybody thinks I am ''popular'', what it's wrong, because you can't tell that someone's popular, you hae to treat everyone the same way. There's one girl on my class that is bullied every single day, and almost everyday she cries, when she cries i go after her and help her, so she doesn't feel like nobody cares about her, and it works and I make her happy. I kinda know how it feels to be bullied, and sometimes i cry because of bullies, I know they neer bully me, but I cry because I know alot of people are suffering from bullying, I hope someday the bullies notice how bad the kids they bully feel,.GOD bless you, never give up your dreams !  bye 

Helena - 12 - CA

Bullying is all about who's popular and who's not. Kids get bullied for their clothes, race, athleticness, and if their social or not.One girl at school lacks ALL those things. Everytime I see someone bully her, I take the stand. Bullying HAS  TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren - 13 - AZ

I was bullyed hurts and hurts more...its makes an inpact which never goes away..and makes me wanna give up my life.....i'll  support this cause with all my heart 'cause i cant see anyone else suffer or rather end thier life for this...
i want this to be over once and for all...watever it might take...lets join together and show that we care too..

Niharika - 13 - Ka

Join Michael and Marisa in the “It Gets Better” campaign to STOP bullying. The sibling music duo share their thoughts and urge their peers to stand up against bullying with their acoustic song "The Same."

Michael and Marisa - 12 - NY

when I feel bullied, I feel like bad person- like I deserve to be bullied. NO ONE derseves to be bullied. I agree that everyne has been at least a little bully, like if you scream at your sister for touching your stuff or something, but It isn't right. People need to STOP. I hope all bulies see this site and STOP, because it is WRONG,CRUEL, and very dangerous.

Cammie - 10 - DC

I see people get bullied all of the time. I try to make it stop, but I don't want to get "physically involved" in it. Make a stop towards bullying. And if you are one of those people who are being bullied, just talk to someone about it! Make a difference! Tell someone. They can help you make a change. 

Mary - 13 - MO

i care because i was cyber bullied it was fun.
i sometimes cried my self to sleep because it hurt me to much i wanna do somthing to perfent cyber bullying and other kind of bulling because there kids in my school who get bullied and i never know what to do about it but know i do. ill take action and fight for what i belive in .

Ashley - 13 - on

it sucks to be bullied and get made fun of. Everyone is unique in their own very special way. Its just unfair for those who are different to be bullied and labeled. They are who they are and its not nice to label people. I don't really get bullied but i hate it when people bully others and sometimes i wish that i could do something to make a difference.

Fie - 18 - SP

I care for all the kids who suffer in the hands of bullies. I am from Australia and recently I found out that many kids suicide because of these bullying happen at schools and other places including internet on social network sites. It is so hard to imagine what these kids gone through and even harder to think of the parents who lost them in such a way. I just wish that parents are more aware of these things and specially the schools act more responsible than this because most of these bulling start at schools. Wish we all could do more to stop these bulling. Perhaps harsher punishments for the bullies, regardless of their age could help to stop this.    

Chaminda - 39 - Australia

I was bullied with words and I can say it hurts so bad,I think words hurts more than physical violence. Bullism is wrong,bullism is not funny,bullism is something that you will never forget in your life. Bullism hurts so bad. People pick you just because you're different,they start saying you're ugly,you're gay (for guys),you're retarded and other bad things. It's absolutely wrong and stupid.I wish it could stop forever.

Laura - 12 - IT

I have been bullied my entire life. It started out small with words like weird and retarted and not exactly threatening but as I got older it got worse I was getting pushed around and called worse names that I wont mention. But with the help of my two best friends I was able to get through it and now it doesnt bother me at all. I would just like to tell everyone , stay positive and help out if you see someone being bullied.

Robert - 13 - ?

i think that the kids that is bullying someone just needs a person to talk to becouse you dont know if he or she might be haveing problems at home.

riley - 12 - fl

I know someone who took their life because of cyber-bullying. Someone anonymous kept telling him to kill himself, that no one would care; it got so intense that later that day, he went my the train tracks.. and let the train take his life. In that same week, another kid younger then him felt like no one cared about him and felt like his life was going nowhere, so he took his life. No one should feel alone. I wish I would have known both of them so I can show them that someone cares, I care. No one deserves to be bullied. NO ONE.

Katarina - 15 - Indiana

STOP bullying this is a very serious topic

Maddie - 10 - MD

I agree with demi bcuz i am in a wheel chair and the kids still make fun of me just because i am in the chair n i am sick of it the kids need to grow up 

Monique - 16 - tx

each of us has the right towards safety and respect. No one shall be stepping on other people. We all should care!

Josielyn - 19 - SE

bullying is mean and I don't like it.

Ethan - 7 - Washington State

i am a person who sticks up for the person being bullied and i have even been bullied 2 once. but if we all stoped and thinked we would all know that we are all the same but with diffrent personalitys and looks !

Areitha - 12 - ?

I know that im only 10 years old but i think that bulting is really bad and  no matter what age we all can stop bulying!!! so lets do this....

Gabriela Valentin - 10 - fl

People should be treated equally. No matter what they look like or how they act or dress.

Cia - 11 - NV

I'm tired of hearing people talk rudely about and towards others who don't deserve it. <3 I get made fun of sometimes and I know what it feels like. 

Emily - 12 - UK

I don't want to see kids have to go through what I did just to get through school I Cut myself to keep them away it worked but at what cost im here for everyone els because thats who i care about.

Vito - 17 - Nv

I was bullied for many years, growing up.  Growing up, I was considered to be an ugly duckling.  Well, before blossoming, I was bullied and made fun of to the point where I ran home everyday after school, hysterically crying.  It has had such a profound effect on my life.  I now have a child who has special needs, and will live the rest of his life facing unfair challenges.  On top of the challenges that he already faces, one of my biggest fears is that he will be bullied just as I was...

Melissa - 35 - AZ

lets do this for everyone and lets change the world <3

karis - 15 - uk

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