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I was being bullying for about 6 years. Alot of people know about it but they never did something. I care alot about other people being bullyed because I dont want then to go through the same things I had to deal with every day. So when my sister came home from school and told me that people where being mean to her, my heart droped. For 2 weeks ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to write a musical for our church choir. I know immidently what I was going to write about. Bullying! This so that people will open their eyes and start to see what a few things can do to help a person that's being bullying. I was bullying for the face that I was different. Now I have some off the most amazing fiends just because I'm different. I would never traid my life for someone else but I will do everything that is in my power to provide a safe place for the kids that lives in the world of bullying today. We all can stop this if we work together. 

Maria - 19 - sw

i get bullied a lot like everyday i dont want to go to school but my mom said i have to. i tell my parents about me being bullied i say that they make fun of my weight, clothes, and ect. my parents said it was true and made me feel even worse i feel lonely all the time because no one likes me at school and at home no one wants to be around me, im alone in this world and it makes me regret being born. I have a really great life i mean i shouldn't complain but i have no friends and alone all the time the internet and video games doesn't help anymore. i turn to music to help me thats when demi lovato is my role model i feel lonely a lot but not as much because of her :)

Cynthia - 14 - IL

I care because i have seen bulling and i know the pain. Demi Lovato is my role model because she is amazing and stands up for what is right. If we stand up to bullying millions of young people across the world will live happier child/teenage lives. I care because i want to help make people's lives that little bit easier, school is hard enough without it. we can stand together to stop bullying, starting now. <3 

Emily - 15 - UK

everyone is diffent .. everyone should be loved/liked for who they are .. no one is the same .. so why dig on people for being differnt to you ? or they have less or more than you ? its not fair it gose to far and gets out of controle . every person has there own life , what is wrong with people trying to live it differnt .
a girl i know went though real bad bulling at school for something she dident even do or would ever think of doing . this went on for a number of years befor i knew her . when i got to know her she told me all about the bulling that had been going on , and i helped her all i could and she got though it and the bulling stop . 
^^ that shows that if everyone was to pull together and help we can all put a end to bulling :) 

Jemma - 17 - UK

Hello, my name is Thain'm from Brazil, here in my school we are doing work on bullying, and the teacher gave me this site.
Not only the USA that children and adolescents sofem with bullying, it is common in Brazil as well, so we're doing the work against bullying.

Thaina Miranda - 13 - SP

I used to get bullied just about everyday up until high school.  It hurts to be picked on and taunted for so long and not know how to deal with it.  I finally started sticking up for myself in the 11th grade.  I went alot of years depressed and upset but I wrote all my problems out and that somehow helped me release pain.  So please stop bullying because its just not cool plus you wouldn't want someone to bully you.

Chelsea - 18 - nc

i used to bully but now i feel sorry for everyone i picked on and hope they forgive me.

april - 12 - LA

I am being bullied/cyberbullied. I don't exactly no why I am being bullied, because I have never even said a word to the people who are bullying me. I know for a fact though that the answer to bullying is not to 'ignore it'. The answer to bullying is to do something about it and that is what Im trying to do. I just wish that they would stop. :*(

Sara - 14 - CT

I'm gay, and everyday i get picked on. I try to go on without it bothering me, but it gets to a point where it's just too much to fake. So i cry myself to sleep some nights.

Taylor - 14 - GA

I am and have been bullied since I can remember.  I get made fun of because I am "overweight" and I dress weird.  I also get made fun of because of the way I act.  I live for the people who matter.  It hurts to know that people make fun of me for expressing myself.  I also care because this boy I like gets bullied by every single person he walks past.  No one gets to know him, they just make fun of him because he dresses nerdy and he is annoying.  Well they don't really know him.  he is a cool kid and I think he is pretty amazing.  I hate when people make fun of him and me for talking to him.  So I am taking a stand.  I am going to be like my hero, Demi Lovato, and put an end to it.  Thank you Demi for sticking up for the less fortunate and thanks for being the voice of the voiceless.

Unknown - 14 - Az

I've always been bullied because I'm a 'good girl'. So, I wear a helmet on my bike to school... So, I've lived in Belgium, France and China, SO WHAT? I know that once I fulfill my dreams of acting, I will do everything in my power to join Demi Lovato in this move to stop bullying. Because this IS a serious issue. No matter what others say. :(

Claire - 15 - CA

My brother is bullyed at school because of his ears.I HATE to see it happen to him. I always step in to say somthing,but it doesn't stop them.I'm hoping that all this will come to an end.

Victoria - 9 - CA

I have been bullied since I started at school. People make fun of me because I'm a little "bigger" than others. And because I don't have the same style as the others in my class. I always think how my life would be if I was skinnier or had the same style as the others. Would people like me better? Would people show me respect? Bullying needs to stop.. NOW!!!

Isabel - 13 - NO

I've been bullied because i'm a so called "emo/scene" kid. It really does suck when people just attack you for your style. This has been going on for years. I was threatened once because of this.

upset - 15 - NY

I have been bullied my whole life becouse i'm a little "bigger" than others. And i always think to myself what if i was skinnier? Would people like me better??? Bullying NEEDS to stop

Abby - 12 - Mn

I have been bullied since kindergarden and im now in 9th grade ! Istill get bullied. I have been through everything! Hitting, yelled in my face, pushed in locker, and more! Bullies need to stop and think about wht they are doing. And now im off to school where i will get bullied again

Ashley - 15 - MD

I also get bullied because i'm smallest in my class and i might be a bit weird but who cares. people should like me for who i am!!!!! Like i said i have been bullied since kindergarden! Im in 9th grade and it hasent stopped yet!!!!!

Ashley - 15 - MD

I care about ending the World Issue "Bullying" because, I have seen it happen multiple times, and it can be very emotional to watch and not be able to do anything about it... I would like to be able to help others cope with Bullying! <3!

Jillana - 12 - NJ

i was bullied in primary school straight through to the end of high shool and still now sometimes and whether it is physical blying or name calling it still hurts luckily some of the time my friends would stick up for me but i also learned to stick up for my self and it kinda stopped but i wish i had learnt how to stick up to them sooner... life would have been so much easier ..... bullying is wrong and i don't care if the bully has family problems or problems withf friends or whatever the reasons are they shouldn't make others feel bad to make themselves feel better 

A.J Byrne - 16 - UK

i've been bullied since kindergarten and after 8 years of pain i found people who i can trust

aleen - 12 - sa

I've being bullied for being skinny. Everybody at my school spread fake rumours around the WHOLE school and make it seem as if it was true, it was 100% not true at all. Even new kids at school started hating on me, i felt so neglected. I even tried commiting suicide one day. I felt worthless and hopeless. I don't understand why do anybody would want somebody else feel bad about themselves. It's just so cruel! The bullying i went through was horrifying, everysingle day after school I cry! Even my friends doesn't help me, they support the bullying... :(

Depressed :( - 15 - SY

I've been bullied for over three years now and its really put down my self-confidence down and hurt me inside.I've been called names slapped and the police had to get involved it got that bad ! My best friend gets bullied as well so i try to stick up for her and help because i HATE to see other people getting bullied. It can hurt people really bad, inside and out, and its totally out of order ! People mostly do it because they take the mick out of other people to make themselves feel much better. All ages can be bullied and its unfair.
I hope we can put a STOP to it soon.
thanks x

kayleigh - 13 - UK

I was bullied when i was younger, really badly and it came to the point where i wanted to kill myself. Adults say you should tell them but it only makes things worse, yea they can try fix it but that doesnt stop them.
and adults also say to ignore them aswell, but whats that gonna do eh?
nothing thats what.
because of the bullies i have NO self confidance, feeel self concious and still get a teased sometimes but now im in highschool i realised who my real mates are and they stick up for me all the time, so id like to say a great big thankiesss to them :)

Megan - 12 - Uk

I've been bullied myself because I.... I guess it's because I'm smart. And that I actually LOVE to read and I have a good singing voice. I used to react, but it just spurred the bullies on. They were getting what they wanted out of me. Now, whenever they tease me out of what's probably jealousy, I either laugh it off or ignore them. I try not to say too much. I stand up for myself though- I just don't go looking for conflict. People don't pick on me as much anymore because they know it doesn't bother me. I wrote a song, and I live by one of the lyrics "What fits my personality is not what others think of me because no one knows me like I know myself." It's so terrible that people can drive other people to suicide- it's not something to laugh at. Bullying hurts, and I help everyone I can because no one deserves it, no matter how "irritating" you find them. We can change the world, and I intend to change it for the better.

Laken - 13 - PA

i was bullied for 2 years, but then i stood up to the person. and man to i feel good!!

Dala - 11 - ME

I know this girl that gets bullied because she is small,ugly,and smart. Its not fair to her.Everyone is beautiful in their own eyes. She should be getting praised because shes smart. Why are they teasing her because of her weight?! She is eleven years old and she is 81 puonds. Its just that all the other kids are like 100+ pounds! And to me that spretty big so they sholdnt be talking about her! The truth is that girl is me....and i know if any of my friends see this they will make fun of me because I posted this.... :( WE NEED TO STOP BULLYING!

Anonymous - 11 - TN

i just got told by 3 people that they hate me and i should just go die and no one would care....but i just laugh at them they try to "Bully" me but i dont even let them get to me they are just 3 people who has no lives because i know my friends love and my family but im a way to happy of a perosn to let them slow me down  and you sould not them slow you down go to a teacher even your parents and tell them cause those type of people has no lives what so ever they just try to bring you done dont listen to them everyone in this world is worth something and is VERY important and your not alone :) its time that this stupid childish bulling end in ALL schools and it starts with US students! so lets do it!

Keonna - 14 - MI

I wasn't bullied but my friend were.. It hurt so bad that she didn't went to school for 1 week... I was really hurt too when it happened to her.. I just want to say that bullies are just so bad that there are so many kids that just wanna stay at home! Nobody has to be home schooled! Everyone has the rights to be who they are! I love this website! I just really want bullying to end! 

Dianne - 12 - Ph

My little brother is really little, and he does have a disability. Many many people don't have the heart to realize that he didnt choose to be disabled. I look up for my little brother 100% and nobody deserves to be mistreated or looked down to. He's amazing, and I love him dearly, and he will change the world one day. stand up for everyone who you knows been bullied,
because it really hurts.

Amanda - 15 - az

My brother is disabled. He gets bullied most of the time, he gets called a girl because of how he runs, and other words i shouldnt say. he came home crying once. i ask him what was wrong, he explained and the next day i went to those people and said, "hey thats not cool! if you were in my brothers condition you wouldnt like that!!!" eversince that, they didnt get in his face.

Hailey - 13 - AZ

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