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I know what it's like to feel low after someone has put you down. Everything has been nearly perfect in my life until this year bullies at school. From this message forward, I'm telling you to not care, and don't buy into the pressure. The bullies that got away, will get karma. Lucklily my bullies play mind games, give me looks, call me names, etc. I'm just telling you that the key is to not care, keep moving forward.

Anonymous - 14 - MN

"I'm constantly being picked on by people because of my past and the people I hang out with. I haven't had the courage to stand up formyself so I'm lucky I have friends to stand up for me. If you know someone who is being bullied, you should help them because it's a scary situation to be in and you don't know what it is like to be bullied."

Kenny - 15 - NJ

I care because I know someone who rencently commited suicide after being bullied. She was a great girl, who was always happy. She was cyber bullied until it was too late.  Lastly, I was also bullied, I was called ugly, fat and other gross names and to this day, two years later, I'm still affected by it, it still hurts me. I think every teen should get involed with this great cause.

Miranda - 16 - NY

i know how it feels. everybody should look around themselves. you might e bullying people and not even know it. there is no downside to helping

Courtny - 14 - ny

Witnessing bullying and doing nothing to stop it is almost as bad as being bullied. Stand up for your friends.

Tyler - 16 - KY

Bullying makes kids feel depressed. Many kids feel bad about themselves because of bullies. I am sometimes bullied ,but I always try to ignore the bullies comments.

Karolina - 12 - IL

I get bullied at school just because im from a different country and i cant speak english propely and im too scared to tell the teacher because im probably gonna get even more bullied :(

Agnes - 13 - Uk

i am bullied.i mean most people at my school dont even know who i really am.teachers see it everyday and do NOTHING about it.all that just cause the way i look.i cant to anythig back. i try too be the better person. i have had friends who were nice to me then sudenly just make some really mean comment cause other people were,or laugh at some lame joke about me,then expect me to be okay with it.sure i stand up but they dont care they destroy my life.HELP!!!!

anonamous - 11 - md

i care about this because i know how it feel to be bullied.people calling you name,embarrass you & more.And when you get bullied badly,you have no one to turn school,people called me bad names but i don't care cause they are making want to look good by bullying people.if i saw student bullying friends,i sometimes talk to them.

Deeyana - 13 - SG

My 11 year old sister has been bullied and made fun of because of her weight since she was 8. There are very very mean people in her school that make fun of her because of her weight, and she's not even big. They don't take the time to see her natural beauty, discover her beautiful attitude, or to get to know her before they judge her. Underneath all the tears, there is a girl with a beautiful heart of gold. Bullying needs to stop for little girls like my sister. 

Megan - 14 - PA

i have never been bullied before but the people that are being bullied feels sad and don't want to go to school but you have to go to to school and one day you will go to school and you will stand up for yourself it dosen't matter what people say about you.

valentina - 12 - fl

i have had things stolen from me and said about me. things that are unforgetable. you can replace stolen objects but it takes a while to build up your self esteem. i look up to Demi Lovato mostly because she stayed strong through the bullying. and hearing about her story helped me stay strong.  i hope one day a girl who is being bullied can look at me and think "she made it through. so can i'

Macey - 13 - CA

You never know the full extent of bullying and name calling. the worst part is those who put on a mask and pretend it doesnt get to them usally start thinking of themselfs as crap. Some of these teens and adults dont think they can stand to look in the mirror and see their own face one more day and it leads to suicide. Think twice before you bully and report any cases of bulling to an adult.

Beth - 15 - CA


- 0 -

i am constantly being bullied by my "friends" and it needs to stop. they aren't all bad just a couple, but those couple of people can make the biggest difference in the world. you know what i mean?

lindsey - 13 - FL

I know what it's like to be afraid; One guy always gets made fun of for being diffrent. I admire him for not being afraid. My teacher's never do anything about it. I hate that, I'm the one who says put yourself in his possesion, what if that was you? It turns out, I feel wonderful about standing up for someone. I'm with everyone against bullying, I think that it's one of the biggest causes of death. & no one deserves to be treated like that. Teens Against Bullying. 

Serena - 12 - Ga

Im not from America, Im in Australia. I watched demi lovato's ad for this campaign, so i decided to check the website out. I was bullied all through school and never knew why. I hated school so much but i still went every day anyway. I even cried some morning. begging my mum to not make me go. BULLYING HAS TO STOP !!!! :D

laura - 14 - Ca

I am bullied and it hurts because your bullie makes you feel bab about youself. I think bulling dosen't just hurt you ,it hurts the bullie as well.
* : D

riley - 10 - ga

I was bullied so bad in 5th that I dropped out and was home school'd. It was fun I could wake up whenever and just get up to go to the bathroom and NOT WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE CALLING ME A lESBIEN!! Im not going to lie I became a "vocal" bully in 7th grade to fit in. It worked. But it wasnt worth it. So I stopped and am way more liked this year than last year. DONT BULLY. You dont need an amazing story to know that. Just dont do it. Im with you Demi:) and Thank you....

abbey - 13 - md

" Bullying is bad I been dealing with it since i was in middle school until i took action... i defend kids that are vonrable to it... No one deserves to be bullyed so lets end this...!!!!"

Link Leader Alejandro - 17 - CA

Me and my friends where at the 6th grade all the time bullying someone, and it ended even to we got detention or the one who we bullied started crying and we got detention, and we got detention 3 times a week! Now when im on 7th grade i dont think its soo funny, but i cant stop it:/ And my friend is all the time bullying and i try to stop her but it dosent work... Soo now i guess im a bullyer even if i didnt want to:S

How to stop? - 14 - Fi

Bullying scars can go , but the me mark they leave on your life is  sad.. We are all equal  no one is better. I mean when you die all you take is your work, if your work is bullying then you have done NOTHING in life. WE ARE ALL ONE. the lunch lady, Demi lavato,  my freind, the King.................. It is not who we are it is what we do. So I am Officiaally against bullying.

Rwayish - 13 - Ca

My Best Friend was bullied!!!!!!

Casey - 13 - LA

people always say bullying gets easier as you get older but its not always true i have been bullied since i was 6 and it only stopped a year ago when i took action and reported the bullies now i rarley get bullied and can lead a happy life

nicole - 14 - uk

I wnat to stand up for a change  and stop bullying toward people. People only bullying and hate on some just because they don"t have any thing better to do and make themselves feel better than what thye already are.

Kelsey - 12 - Ga

It seems like the wrong thing to do. Ive never been bullied but from what I can tell that it's a very hard thing on the people that's getting bullied.

Jarnell - 16 - Fl

ive been continusly cyber bullied and it hurts my advice would be to not fire back at the bully it only makes things worse people need to no that its not funny and dosn't make you cool to bully thanks Demi people need to realise the effects of bullying.

Elise - 12 - Vc

i was bullied my whole life life but it got worse in middle school people would call me ugly and fat and i would come home and throw up my food and hurt my self one day a boy reapeatly called me name and would yell out for him to leave me alone and all his friend did was laugh then i got up and ran out of the school till this day i never told anyone what happend

hurting - 16 - ca

There was an unpopular girl at my school n she was bullied all the time, so one day i stood up for her and done something about i gave her a friend. You dont have to use violence or even tell someone about it, i just gave her a friend and found out that she is a really nice girl.

George - 15 - UK

I used to bully people a lot, but then it started getting back to me and I hated the way it felt. I feel that if you have to talk bad about someone to make yourself look good, then you should take a long hard look in the mirror. I still get bullied to this day, but I brush it off my shoulder. I'm a cheerleader and it comes from all the football players, but that's just how it is at my school.

Sarah - 15 - CA

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