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I want to stop bullying because I got bullied before

Anonymous - 10 - Rockwall TX

Bullying not only hurts the victim, but also the perpetrator.  It is a sign that the perpetrator has already been experiencing a lot of pain himself/herself. The sad part is that neither of them have received either the proper care, nurturing, or education to prevent this horrible act. It reflects so poorly on all of us as a society, and in the end, we ALL pay.

Lisa - 65 - Florida

Bullying is wrong
The world would be great without bullying. 

Anonymous - 5 - NY

i was bullied,almost all throughout my life. I don't people to have to deal with what i dealt with.So i want to make a change by starting with my school and try to help kids that also have a trouble too.

leah - 14 - florida

i was bullied,almost all throughout my life. I don't people to have to deal with what i dealt with.So i want to make a change by starting with my school and try to help kids that also have a trouble too.

leah - 14 - florida

I care because I have been bullied like so many and no one deserves to be treated the way they are. I have been bullied all my life for simply being me and that is not what I want to continue to happen. Speak out because everyone has a voice, you just need to find yours and speak out loud about what you think about what people are doing to you. I know you can do it! 

Taylor - 13 - Lewiston, New York

I know that there ARE people out there who care! So if you are being bullied and the first adult you tell doesn't help PLEASE don't give up! Tell anyone! Tell everyone! Someone will help you! You deserve to be happy and no one should have the right to make you feel bad! You are loved and special! 

Megan - 32 - Ohio

I don't want another young person to feel alone or ashamed of who they are because of bullying. I spent two years defending myself and being angry because of those who didn't like the way I dressed, how I spoke and the music I listened to. I want kids to know that the things they're teased about now, will probably make them successful adults. I care because I've been there.

Rasheda - 35 - Michigan

It breaks my heart to see individuals hurting. Nobody deserves to be driven into sadness or anger. I've experienced bullying first hand throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school. It drove me to the point where I left public school to become home-schooled. I never understood why I was so bullied, why these girls were so mean to me. However, what I know now is that I want to help others. I want to help people understand that they are beautiful; that they are valuable and loved; that they deserve all the happiness and beauty in the world. I want them to know that they have power in their minds, thoughts, bodies, and words. I want them to know that they're not alone. This goes for the bullied AND the bullies out there.

Lyzza - 22 - San Francisco, CA

bullying is never okay. 

Shay - 14 - Philadelphia

Im 13yrs old and i have been bullied since 3rd grade and i wish they knew how hurtful they are. They make fun of how.i look like my eyebrows or teeth etc......... im now in 7th grade and its still going on but i ignore them which gets them mad and i dont care 
 All i ever wished.for was them to treat me like i treat them 
 Im this person who is shy and too nice which means that they can use me for stuff and its not ok.
I have changed a little but it doesnt make me a better person so i went back to the way i was and made some friends and got the other girls and giys jealous bcause i was different than all the others but its not gonna my way cause i want the bullying and cyberbullying to end now

tamia - 13 - new york

I have been the victim of a bullying situation. I have been bullied most of my life and I know that it hurts. My best friend and I were bullied for a long time by one girl at my old school. I was bullied by a girl at another one my of schools. I know that being bullied hurts and it tears you apart. It isn't easy being laughed at when you walk down the hallway at school. It damages you and its something you can never forget happened. It hurts you so much and you just feel left out. I know that being bullied is never easy. I would like to support other bullying victims.

Isabella - 13 - Colorado

I know what is was like to be bullied i couldn't stand the put-downs and the hatred, but i was to scared to talk to anyone because i thought that they would tell the bully and it would just get worse. then the girl next door became the bully too because the original bully was friends with her. I got so scared that i started making up things that i 
"had to do" so i wouldn't hangout with her. then my mom found out that i was making up some stuff and lying so i got in trouble, and on top of that my mom asked me is anything was wrong and i felt so bad that i just spilled right then and there. once my mom found out who the bully was she went over to the girl next door and started talking with her mom. the bullying didn't stop until 6th grade where the bully moved away out of state. now in stead of having no friends and knowing no one almost every body knows me and is my friend. 

Lillie - 11 - michigan

I have been bullied relentlessly over the past few years, whether it be about my freckles, my clothes, you name it. It's the most trivial of things that can hurt. I became suicidal last year after being bullied nonstop and my friends and family found out which was when I started to change my life around. I know how painful and stressful it is. It's really and truly horrifying. I decided to stand up against bullying because just thinking of someone else going through that breaks my heart.

Kayla - 16 - Alabama

I care because I was bullied about my weight until 5th grade and then I decided to stop it without violence so I told my teacher and she didn't listen so I asked may I go to the counselor and then she said yes I told the counselor and she gave him in-school suspension and I was never bullied again my message to people that are being bullied is you have to stop him/her from making you feel bad because if you do that makes them feel good and just do it more 

Breanna - 10 - Georgia

I don't like bullying because when I see someone being bullied I feel real bad for them.  When someone is bullied they get hurt real bad.  I was once the bully and after I bullied him he was crying all day.  Thanks for reading

N.F. - 9 - Pennsylvania

I'm against bullying because I was bullied and so were my friends.  My brother was a bully to me and my friends.  My wish is to start a bully prevention website.

I.K. - 10 - Pennsylvania

I care becuase i am bullied all the time. I get picked cause of how i dress, the style of music i like, just for being me. People hate emos for some reason , but that is who i am. People don't need to try to change me. I get picked on by my peers and by my family members. I know how it feels. That is why i care

joshua - 13 - Pa, USE

i have been bullied since 3rd gradedue to wait and looks i have major depression and sometimes cry till i fall asleep. i want to help others in my situation.

jasmine - 15 - houston texas

i hate bullying its wrong and very MEAN

katie - 12 - ohio

I feel that everyone has a right to be equal. No one should ever be treated unfair!

Joy - 10 - Virginia

I've been bullied and based off of my experience, no one should ever have to go through this much pain and hatred, because it can kill them, inside and out.

Destiny - 18 - Florida

No one should have to go through what I did. Bullying physical or emotional causes more and more problems every day. IT HAS TO STOP people don't realise how much damage it can put on a person. no one else needs to suffer 

Jordan - 18 - New South Wales, Australia

bullying  can  make   poeple  feel  so sad  and  make feel  down

dunayla - 10 - school

bullying  can  make   poeple  feel  so sad  and  make feel  down

dunayla - 10 - school

i think bullying should stop

bethany - 12 - 476

it hurts people

Cornholio - 6 - Wyoming

i care alot because my friends and i get bullied alot because were different

samantha - 15 - beachwood nj

I've been bullied too. It's not so fun being called names, pushed around, or anything like that, I care because I believe that we as a world can come together to prevent bullying from happening. Bullying is a very serious cause and causes much, much damage on the victim's life. I care becuase I too was bullied. Therefore, we need to stick together and be nice to one another. If you're the bully, take a walk in your victim's shoe and see how it feels to them. Why do succh a thing to an innocent person? Thank you for reading. I really needed to get this off my chest.

Mariah - 15 - Cali

I don't like people who are mean to others. I'm in Special
Olympics and are friends with kids and adults with all kinds of
disabilities. I look up to a lot of celebrities who are against bullying.
I'm not going to mention their names to protect their privacy, but
a lot of people know who they are. I was bullied for singing too loudly
on the school bus. Some people say that it wasn't bullying....but it hurt when people 
would tell me to stop because they didn't like me singing. I don't know. All I know is that
I'm against bullying.

Ellie - 23 - Suwannee,Ga

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