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I have been bullied. I was bullied all through middle school, and even a bit in high school. I always knew I was different, but I never thought people would make me feel like less of a person for it. It did ruin my self-esteem. It has led me to have trust issues. Some of the people that bullied me were my "friends" at one point, but most of them were people in my classes, or at lunch, or that I had to pass everyday in the halls. It sucks because people make fun of you for things that you cannot help or change about yourself. I can take a joke, but sometimes people take things way too far and it becomes hurtful. I used to feel really good about myself until this started. You have to stand up for yourself. Trust me, it's worth it. Now that I am in the next chapter of my life, I feel a lot better. I am stronger. What I went through made me so much stronger.

Jay - 18 - Florida

Bullying is something really bad, and its really sad that its actually spreading in this world. bullying can cause some really bad issues, like eating disorders, self harm, bullemia and many other stuff, bullying should be stopped. if you're reading this and you have EVER been bullied, i just want  you to know, that you're beautiful and you're worthy of life. and whatever those bullies told you, i just want you to know that its not true, and that i love every single person who's reading this, stay strong. 

Anonymous - 14 - Dubai

How come whenever I turn on the news, I see a autistic person being bullied? Why them? They're not any different then us? Just because they have autism? Seriously, people, you can do much better, by NOT BULLYING!!!!!!! 
If you think about it, we're almost all the same! And what we're different, we have to be tolerant about!
(Tolerance means that you accept people for who they are)


Kari - 12 - California

I was there when PACER was in Iowa, I go to a school here obviously... where? Well, I'd prefer not to say, but I'm glad PACER was here, we finally got something... recognized. I care because I notice a great increase in bullying... why? Is it cool? What are kids learning... better yet, NOT learning? Do they think it's a joke? I think we all need to step up and tell younger people... tell EVERYONE it's not a joke, and this stuff is real... if you see someone being bullied, even if you think it's a little joke... STOP it! Step in.

Just Me - 18 - IA

This is the response to a "hey" I sent to someone on chat...."U stupid little girl leave me alone no one likes u so get a life and ya I get that u like me and all but tbh u r annoying ugly and fat so ya"  This happens all the time at school. People are just mean and it makes me sad that I can't have to any friends. it is so bad I want to change schools. I really wish the teachers would open there eyes. 

Lena - 10 - Alabama, Guntersville

i care because i use to get bullied and i now how it feels and i think that if your the bully you can change that now. Another reason is because i don't want people to feel bad about there selves. i know everybody can make a change by standing up to a bully everyday you can make a change. 

anna - 14 - cedar rapids

I get bulled because I have ADHD and I will go crazy in class. People will push me and hit me and call me a mean names. I'm depress and I cut myself hoping pain will help but it makes it worse because people will call me Emo and they will hit me more 

Timothy - 13 - Council bluffs, IA

When i was little maybe around the age of 5 i got bullied for the first time for having a guy friend and no girl friends. I was the skinny short little girl always sitting in the back as elementary came around because people called me 'anorexic' 'skeleton' 'ugly'. I would get picked on alot and i thought it was never going to stop. It did though around 7th grade. I still get name called for being to skinny but i have a voice now those people do it because if they're insecure they believe we should to and thats not correct. Dont stay quiet have a voice and it will all go away i promise. Im 5'7 now and do all these activities, they made me stronger and i made them weaker. 

Jacky - 16 - California

I hate bullying. Some kids think being bullied is a sighn to kill themselves !!! its horrible 
Think twice before you sent a mean text or email. 

Caitlin - 12 - Stockholm, Sweden

I was bullied in school. From the time I started up until now. I always blamed myself for them calling me fat and ugly. I would skip meals sometimes because they were so mean to me. Eventually, the bullying led to depression, self-harm, and even a suicide attempt. Now, everyday I wear a bracelet that says stop bullying on it and another bracelet that says hope. Bullying is not right and should never be tolerated. No one should have to feel upset with themselves because someone else is bullying them. I hope that those skids who are about to take those pills, skip that meal, or skip school know that things will get better. There is hope to stop bullying. We just got to stand up and make it stop. It's not your fault for being who you are. You were specially chosen to be on this earth, and that is something no one should take away. Stop bullying and stay strong.

Jana - 15 - Indiana

I care because bully doesn't just happen in schools. It happens at work and sadly even at home. In some situations you can't do anything to stop it and that is the most helpless feeling in the world. Bullying is the most disgusting thing I can think of-there is absolutely no reason for it! If you are being bullied it's nice to know that people do care and there are many places you can go for help and support. I care because even though I don't know you I know that you are worth something and bullying must stop. 

Molly - 15 - South Carolina

We shouldn't need a reason to care. We all should just out of the kindness of who we are. 

To anyone that has been bullied...
Never give in you're not alone.
In the darkest times there are always people that care no matter what.

Nobody is worthless, 
Keep your head held high,
Stay strong,
And most importantly

Mark Thorne - 19 - Plymouth, United Kingdom

People so young can be bullied. it's really sad. it all starts when kids steal your lunch box. you think that's bad? wait until your in middle school. I'm cyber schooled. have been forever. so I haven't really been bullied unless it slips out from a friend or at church people can make fun of me. 

I care because people all around the world get bullied and if everyone could stand together as one <333 it would be like a dream. that no one would care that your overweight or have a lot of pimples or is disabled. 

People who think they are ugly are the most beautiful people in the world. 

Samantha - 13 - USA

I have been bullied myself. It has stopped cause the police had to get involved. Yet, people still bring it up. I didn't do anything to deserve being treated the way i was. there were three guys that ruined my life. They would post mean stuff about me on fb. I cannot say on this website what they were saying... thats how bad it was. we need to put a stop to all the bullying. 

Olivia - 15 - Kansas

Yes, I am sixty-four it's not a typo. I was bullied (verbally, socially and physically) in my youth and still carry around some behavioral baggage as a result. Trusting other people is still one of these issues. I can't be sure if they are being sincere and honest with me or if they are telling me things in an effort to manipulate and use me for their own purpose.

Morris - 64 - NY

i want to help stop the bullying in all the schools around the world
and all you kids stand by and help others when they are being bullied

thank you

deana - 12 - brooklyn ny

Was once called ugly, fat, black. I did not care, I spoke to my teacher and he helped me out. Speak up people. Don't keep it to your self..... Feeling sad for those who are being bullied. 

Lysah - 15 - USA

At my school I see bullying to only a select few. No one ever stood up for them for the longest time. When I finally did it felt amazing to help. I only saw those who I helped, I wished to help even more. So I created a compliment box. No everyone in my school has a facebook or twitter so I knew I couldn't create some hting anonymous online. There is a buletin board in my teacher's room. I have a box that people will put a complimet to some one. No one ever really knows who their compliment is from but it's nice to know some one cares, especially on the painfully hard days. I stareted this a month or two ago and I still get compliments from the box. I was terrified that every one would just make fun of my idea... my history teacher even thought it wouldn't work out. I proved him wrong and I don't just stand there and be a bystander anymore. I help those in need. Although I make mistakes on what comes out of my mouth, I can't take it back yet I always try to help.

Laura - 13 - MI

Now just take a moment to just Imagine waking up and having to look in the mirror completely hating yourself, having to sit there and just hate everything you see in that reflection, the names people have called you just keep going around and around in a circle in your head, you just can’t picture yourself as that happy girl anymore. Tell me, do you remember the last time you had a real smile on your face, the last time you confidenced your friends and family that nothing was going on. You could go on and on about the things you love, If I asked what you love the answers will likely roll off your tongue; you love to read, you love to write, you love birds, music, tattoos, your mum, your brother, your sister, your daughter, your best friend, your dog etc. But how long do you think you'll go on and on before you said I love myself?  

Abby - 16 - Qld

i used to get bady bullied because i dont look as pretty as the rest of the girls, ever since i moved to my new school it has stopped

Madeline - 13 - MO

Bullying also exists in college.  I was often teased in college for not being one of the " Popular " "Jocks" and "Gossip."  I was made fun of for just being myself, and it really hurt me badly.  I graduated from college and I have not participated in alumni activities ever since leaving after graduating.  No one in any school level should have to go through the garbage that I went through.  

Anonymous - 29 - USA

It's an issue world-wide. Most people say bullying is part of everyone's life, it happens to everyone. Well it shouldn't be the case. Bullying is wrong and unfair. It pushes people to the limit, makes them uncertain about everything. They don't deserve it. We are all equal, we all live on the same planet, breathe the same air. What makes them so different? 
Life would be nicer if people just got along. Bully is so cruel and unessicary. We can stand up against bullying if we work together. No-one can do it alone.

Amylouise - 13 - Regina, Saskatchewan

I was bullied from 4th to 8th grade, and it had disastrous effects on my self esteem and abilities to communicate with others. Nobody should ever be treated that way. I want everybody to feel as happy as I do now that I'm not being bullied anymore.

Adriana - 15 - MD

I care because I spent my whole life in the shadows. Being physically and verbally abused... I just want to know that I can be me 

Samantha - 18 - Clifton Park NY

I onced was bullied sometimes i still am i stick up for people who are bullied. i was bullied cause of how slow i learn im not the fastest learner but i try, i get made fun of cause i fail almost every test and quiz. But now i try to get better and i still am. No one should be bullied if there getting bullied then the person bullying them is jealous of him or her. I wanna change the world i wanna stop bullying 

Reagan - 13 - VA

Alot of people who have been bullied or are being bullied now in my school. I hate when I see someone crying because they have been bullied.

Brooke - 13 - Pennsylvania

i hate bullying becaues it is very rude and becaues i have heart for thoese in need.

Antonio - 15 - fort smith AR

I was bullied for most of my life. I was called fat, stupid, ugly, and a bunch of other names. I was anerxic and bolimic becuase of bullying. I attemped suicide and i cut. Now that I'm in a better place, I want to help end bullying. BULLYING HAS TO STOP NOW. Not later but NOW! Words hurt!

Esther - 13 - CA

I was bulled in elementary school and no one seemed to be doing anyhing about it. My parents ended up moving me to a private school where the bullying didn't stop but it didn't occur as much. I was lucky enough to have a Dad who taught me how to stick up for myself and it wasn't long before bullies stopped. Now I'm no longer bullied, but I know that it's not easy standing up to so many kids when you're standing alone. I didn't suffer as much as kids these days do even though the words were hurtful I was a very tough girl. But not all of us are tough and that's why we need others to be aware of this issue and what it can do to a child mentally, emotionally and academically. Bullying is a big issue and it needs to be solved. People need to stop looking past it becuase children are suffereing because of it. 

Elaine - 17 - US

I'm supporting anti-bullying because i was bullied when i was 14 so this has to end

Cedrick - 16 - Peoria, Illinois

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