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Notifying the School About a Bullying Incident

Template letters for parents to use as a guide for writing a letter to their child’s school. These letters contain standard language and fill-in-the-blank spaces so the letter can be customized for your child, including letters designed for students with a Section 504 or IEP. Available in English and Spanish translation.

The notification can serve two purposes:

First, the letter will alert school administration of the bullying and your desire for interventions against the bullying. Second, the letter can serve as your written record when referring to events. The record (letter) should be factual and absent of opinions or emotional statements.

Overview Handout with Instructions and Three Versions of Letter

Notifying the School About A Bullying Incident

Notificando a la Escuela Acerca de un Incidente de Bullying — Mediante el Uso de una Carta Formulario

Download the letters and customize

Download the letters designed for when the bullying is based on student’s disability

When the bullying is based on the child's disability, federal laws can also apply under Section 504, Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), and Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

Data is important. Remember, if it is not in writing, it does not exist. Please be sure to keep a copy of the letter(s) for your records. These records can help parents keep a concise, accurate timeline of events. These sample letters are general in nature in order to serve all potential users.

For a complete list of state laws, visit the interactive map at StopBullying.Gov .