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Am I The Only One?

Posted: 5/23/2011

I really don't like to be called from the word ''pig'' cause it really do a lot of damage in my self,and sometimes after i was bullied i feel like "I'm the only person in this world who is ugly".

By: Anonymous

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The Food Chain

Posted: 5/23/2011

I’ve been bullied or talked behind my back for almost 10 years. I get pretty used to it since I did have this kind of unusual personality that people don't see as normal or good to look at. I would always be happy, do weird stuff that amuses me or even make the others laugh. I just don't know how they started to talk about me like I'm some kind of a threat or weirdo.

But I endured all of this because I have friends that understand and support me and it would just make me ignore all of it. For the kids out there who have been bullied, don't mind those bullies for talking behind your back, it’s just their either jealous for your open personality. For those who are bullied physically, don't be afraid to consult the adults or confront them why do they bully you like that.

But if cases comes to death threats or something like that. It's a serious matter that you tell the principal or the adults. Mostly, these kinds of bullies are the outcasts themselves in my opinion. Afraid of going down of this so called 'food chain' , popular, normal, geeks. What's with all that? Is it just because a person does theater their gay already? That doesn't make sense for me. This is one of the things how I got over bullying, I would just think that I'm more emotionally prepared for anything that happens to me, may it be outcast by the others because of the rumors being spread.

Rather than the others who are afraid to equalize themselves with the others and make them think their they're in the top. No one was born higher than the other. We are all equal. Those so called princesses or jocks grew the same way as we do. Just a they grow up pride filled them under the influence given by them and that's how the food chain starts where the predator aims for the prey, us outcasts. So to all my fellow people of the world who have been bullied into thinking that we want to die.

Don't give up, all of us can have a strong point in our heart that we can surpass this obstacle in our life that will just make us more strong-willed in the future.

By: Anonymous

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Friends Bullying Friends

Posted: 5/23/2011

I think the most prominent type of bullying I have witnessed is from one friend to another. They say something that they mean as a joke for the most part and even though the person who is being bullied laughs because they know that for the most part they are joking, it still hurts them and they still feel the need to try to change or hide whatever they were being bullied over. I think kids just need to become more aware of what they say and how it can really effect someone.

By: Anonymous

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Take The Risk

Posted: 5/23/2011

I was bullied in high school for being smart. I was lucky - I had a teacher and a guidance counselor looking out for me. But that doen't make the hallways and bathrooms and stairs any safer. My life was threatened and my real friends made it a point to walk me from class to class for weeks. I learned a lot - I wasn't as alone as I thought. I worked on developing relationships with kids who liked what I liked and we looked out for each other.

Like many adults, 8 or so years after graduation I ran into my old nemesis. He told me he was now married to the mother of his four kids and they were struggling. With lttle real education it was hard to make ends meet. He asked what I did and I told him - I fly satellites and rockets.

Then he dropped his head an quietly apologized for his bullying. He said he couldn't wrap his head around why I was so smart and why I studied. He thought I was a suck-up. he said he knew now what I knew then, that being good at something is worth the effort. Hetold me he should have respected me. I've had a great time since then. I learned not to be silent, to take the risk to defend those who are catching it for no reason. If there were no bystanders, there would be no bullies.

By: Marie

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The Sad Flower Drawing

Posted: 5/23/2011

I have a 14 yr old son that was recently in a Psychiatric Hospital for 10 days --ultimately due to rejection by his peers at school. It's a long and involved story.  He drew a picture that I think the picture is worth sharing.  He's PDD-NOS, Aspergers, ODD features....a rainbow of Autism.  Not an easy kid, but he did not deserve the treatment he got from the school or the students.

This is my message:

Good Morning Everyone,

I've been wanting to share a piece of art work that my son created on his second day of a recent hospital stay.  Please see the attached drawing that he did--on the back he named his creation "the sad flower."  On my second day of visiting him, he had this taped to the door of his room so that you could not miss it as you entered his room.  He left this picture up on his door the entire time he was in the hospital.

I am sharing this with you to show you what an impact bullying can have on kids.  Especially kids that lack social skills. Some of the bullying that my son was subjected to was very subtle, other times it was very obvious.  He was also someone who did bullying.  There are all kinds of bullying.  The worst kind that drove him to his crisis was the REJECTION that he experienced on the Playground and the Exclusion he felt in Class, Lunch, Activities, etc. He had no friends at school.  NONE.

Please take a moment to look at his drawing and ponder what it's like for a 14 yr. old boy to be repeatedly rejected by his peers, excluded from lunch, excluded from recess and removed from the classroom repeatedly.

There HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY.  Please don't let this happen to more children.

By: A Mom Who Cares

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I Didn't Think I Was a Bully

Posted: 5/23/2011

"I didn't think I was a bully but others did. i've done some pretty bad stuff like getting into someones personal email and sending mean emails to all of their contacts and now i feel TERRIBLE but with the help of my parents i talked to them and i am waiting to hear back from a counselor to see if i qualify. thank you PACER you have helped me become the better person!"

By: Alex

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Posted: 5/20/2011

I recently wrote, produced and filmed a short PSA on the subject of bullying. I feel strongly aginst bullying and hope that maybe by putting my PSA onto your website some teenagers may be discouraged from engaging in this abhorrent activity.

By: Marco B.

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I Have So Much In Front of Me

Posted: 5/17/2011

I've been bullied many times before sometimes I will let it get to me sometimes I will brush it off my shoulder.I just have to remember that I have so much in front of me, and I cant let there immature actions affect me that much

By: Sarah

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I Promise

Posted: 5/17/2011

"My little sister has Tourette's syndrome. I'm not even sure that she even really knows let alone tells people. And the kids that she goes to school with have been bullying her since the second grade. She's in the seventh grade now!

She's such a sweet girl, and only tries to help people, and yet all they can do is bully her whether it's in person, on Facebook, through her phone, and all I can try to do is do what's best and stand up for her and any other victims.

And yet she's still nice to them - because she knows how it feels. I'm hoping through websites like this, and organizations, that maybe someday we'll live in a world where kids & anybody can feel safe in their own community. To feel safe in life. So hang in there, whoever you are, wherever you are. You'll only come out stronger in the end. I promise."

By: Emily

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I Used To Bully

Posted: 5/17/2011

THE TIME I BULLIED: My story is of the time I used to bully innocent kids in my class and school. Before being diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD, I had uncontrolled ranges and it resulted in bullying. I used to hit, scream, spit, and intimidate kids. I feel a lot of bullying is due to undiagnosed mood disorders. I feel that the kids who are undiagnosed are causing some of the bullying. This is an issue that should be addressed from a medical point of view in many but not all cases. I feel this issue should be addressed by teachers, principals, counselors, school officers, and parents as well. I feel my class and school is now a happier and safer place after me being diagnosed. Even kids can change the community, I am 12 years old.

By: Sabrina

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