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I Am Really Glad I Told My Mom

Posted: 5/17/2011

Hi this is Jessica. I was bullied in fourth grade. It was so bad I was missing school. I had to move schools. I would rather not say what type of bulling it was but it was horrible. Now I am at a new school that has a no bully toleronance. I love it here. I am no longer depressed. I was really glad I told my mom, trust me adults can help if you let them in.

By: Jessica

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I'm Out To Make A Difference

Posted: 5/17/2011

My name is Krissy. When I was a freshman, I was made fun of for having glasses and ''frizzy'' blonde hair and for not being as rich as everyone else. But I didn’t see it. I let it go in the beginning of the year. Then everyone would gang up and throw full bottles of soda at me. They would make puking sounds in front of me and tell me why do I even waste my time. Kids would also say I’m too fat to wear those clothes and how I should just go bald I'd be somewhat prettier. During the year, the bullying got worse. I was pushed away from everyone and every day when I came home I would cry in my room. It got so bad...that I ended up cutting my wrists. At the time I didn’t know better. And no matter whom I told, they would always say 'that’s terrible' but never do anything about it.

I was harassed by people I didn’t even know and was a laughing stock of the entire high school. I’ve been told I’m an overweight waste of space that should've killed herself years ago. Someone who would never go anywhere. A failure. A nobody. I wrote songs and poems on my experiences and showed them to people for help...they didn’t listen. They targeted my friend who nearly committed suicide. I was pushed in the school hallways and was being played around with. Kids would fake ask me out because they felt bad for me..they saw I was crying and laughed some more. Saying I’m a weak fragile who means nothing. And that I’m the reason why the world is a bad place.

But, luckily before I did something worse, I left the school. I am now at a different high school and am stronger with who I am. Bullying is 100% preventable. So now, I’m the defender. And I’m out to make a difference.

By: Krissy

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It's Your Choice

Posted: 5/17/2011

Hi! My name is Ilse, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Mexico and this is my story.

When I was around 5 or 6, in first grade specifically, there was a girl that wanted everything I have: supportive and caring parents, success in school works, someone to be proud of her. So she started to call me, secretly, spoiled girl. It hurt like hell. I didn't tell my parents this in the beginning, I was hoping that someday that will stop, but I was pretty wrong. I was silenced because I was afraid that something bad will happen to me, my little siblings, my teachers or my parents will get mad, or get hurt, or something bad will happen to them. And I was dealing with this for 4 years, until I told my mom what was happening with that girl, we both cried. She asked me why I didn't tell her before that moment, and I said that I was scared. She talked with my teacher about this and with the principal too, so they can be aware of any situation that will happen next. That girl continued doing during that school year, and my parents and I made a decision: it was time for me to go to another school. I felt weird in my new school, but something magical happened: I was myself there, I wasn't afraid anymore; I met tons of new people and made some new friends. For the first time in many years, I was happy.

Bullying is not about only to feel better with yourself making fun of other people, is about destroying some other's life. That's what happened with me. But I was happy to start a new life when I changed school. Together we can make the difference about having a sad world or making a happy one, is your choice, but I hope you'll do the right thing.

By: Ilse

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I Wish I Could Find Her

Posted: 5/17/2011

Hi my name is Jordan, I am in 8th grade, and I used to be a bully and now I am being bullied. In 6th grade I was beginning a new year at a new school. I was being bullied because I was the only African American girl in that grade. People eventually stopped bullying me and bullied a girl named Angie or as they like to call her "It".

They treated her as though she was an object. I eventually thought it was ok to call her "It" as well but this only made me feel bad. Today I think about her everyday and think about how hard it was for me to be bullied. I wish I could speak to her but the only thing is that she left the school and I have no idea what happened to her. I have tried my best to find her so I can tell her that I will be her shoulder to lean on if she needs it. I guess my point is that being a bully and being bullied are not okay.

By: Jordan

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Tell Someone

Posted: 5/17/2011

I’m 21 and was bullied from the age of 9 right through to the age of 15 by the same people. I thought going into high school would get me away from them but it didn’t. It made it harder for me to stand up to them because the school was new and much bigger than my primary school. I would get called foul names, be laughed at in classes, have notes sent around about me and be kicked about after school. I never knew who to speak to and tried so hard just to ignore it to make it go away. It doesn’t go away if you ignore it. You need to tell someone. a teacher, a friend, a family member someone who can help you and make it stop.  No one deserves to be bullied and it needs to stop!!!

By: Orla

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Being Cruel is No Joke

Posted: 5/17/2011

I liked this one guy who used to go to my school last year (he's a year older than me) for a year and a half and now he's in high school so I barely see him. 

On Facebook he asked me out (This was in January this year). I actually said yes for the first time (I've never had a boyfriend because I didn't want one. I've been asked to go out in the past, but I said no to everyone because I wanted to be with someone who I really liked). We changed our relationship status and everything you're suppose to do. 

After a week of going out, we decided to go out to the local outdoor mall. I went there with some of my friends and he was supposed to come with his. When I was there, I saw him, and it turns out it was all a joke. His older brother was on his account and my "first boyfriend" was in on the joke. 
Not only did he lie to me, the guy I liked was so mean to me the next few weeks. Months actually. He still is. It's amazing how someone can come off as a really shy and sweet person, but truly be a total jerk. 
He would call me names, he would make fun of me, and he would say mean things to me online. I unfriended him on Facebook, but he kept adding me. 

I was never really insecure because I knew that I had a lot going for me and I had absolutely nothing to be insecure about, but because of what he did I started to hate myself.

This truly hurt me. I would never let these kinds of things hurt me, but this was so hard. I cut myself because of this. I tried stopping. I finally stopped after months. 

I started going through depression. I still am. I'm losing a lot of my friends because they don't like how I act. They say I'm different and they like the old me. I have to go to counseling now. I'm only 14. Just a funny little joke could really affect someone.

By: Layla

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I Keep Trying

Posted: 5/17/2011

It all started when i just entered middle school. One day, I went to my PE class, during class, I started to cry because others wont let me join their group. When i started to cry, my PE teacher caught me crying and was really upset (upset as in angry at me) and told me that "if you want to cry, than i make you cry more" and told me to go to the principal office for crying in class. I actually skipped PE class to avoid it, but didn't. I was so scared of my future teachers. After that, I started to get bullied more and more. There's a couple of teachers said "loners strike again" and i heard them saying it, near me and my friend. Even the students and my classmates also verbal and mental abused/harassed me everyday. Some of the comments becomes more and more harsher everyday that one day I almost committed a suicide. Again in freshman year of high school, I was the target and people made me feel so discouraged that i also almost committed a suicide. Now, I'm trying to strong but its just so hard to keep in faith, but i know i have to try my best. 

By: Grace

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Home Schooled

Posted: 5/17/2011

When I was in Grade School. I was a victim of being bullied. It was about from either 3rd or 4th grade where it was starting. I've had people in school turn what seamed like all of my greatest friends against me, until what also seemed like I didn't have a friend in the world. I'd have people tell me that I was a loser, that I had people tell me that they had more friend then me, blah blah blah. Until I couldn't take it anymore so i decided to become home schooled. I was home schooled for 6th and 7th grade until a girl moved into my neighborhood and was telling me and convincing me to go back to public school for 8th grade.

She would say that she'd help me with anyone who would pick on me or yet bully me. Yet when I was fully convinced about going to public school again. The first few days and months of school went by OK. I remembered most of the kids that I used to go to school with, and it was getting kind of nice to get back in I've made new friends and got along pretty well with most of the kids, until this one girl started making fun of me and picking on me because of the way i laughed. I mean I laugh a lot even when things don't seem that funny. But the fact that she told me not to laugh became really hurt full. AND my neighbor who was sitting right next to me when this was happening, she would just sit their not even telling her off or anything. and i probably would have said something, but i was always afraid that if i did she would start a physical fight with me and that was the one thing that i didn't want to get caught up in.
It ended up to were she was kicking my chair and was pushing my chair in into my desk. It got to the point were i had to tell the principle and tell my teachers to switch all her classes so that non of them would be the same as mine. But even though i had one victim off my shoulder, another girl started picking on me. She would spread gossip about me and stuff like that. I ended up getting to the point where I started crying at the end of school.

So luckily my mom found this kind of a homeschooling program where it's still a public school but is done on your computer. So I joined that and now I am much happier and is making a lot more friends then I did. But have scars and marks, not to where you can see them but to where they still sting in my heart. I never want to go back to where i was ever again.

By: Haleigh

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Will Always Remember

Posted: 5/17/2011

In the beginning of my 7th grade year, I was bullied and harassed by a couple kids. It hurt a lot, because they would make comments or throw something at me in the middle of class! One day, a teacher had to stand behind me for the WHOLE class to get them to stop. It was the most embarassing thing ever. I was so close to tears i had to look down the whole time.

But luckily, I got help with a school counselor and vice principal. So they stopped and now I'm not afraid to go to school anymore.

But I'm very lucky they stopped. Some teens won't stop at anything when it comes to bullying. It's very sad because bullying can lead to so many other bad scenarios. The person that is being bullied could start hurting themselves, others, or let the bully change them forever. What you hear in the news isn't covering everything thats happening. Teens take their  own lives because of bullying everyday.

And that is why bullying needs to stop. Teens need to realize that when they are a bully, they hurt the other person. They also make people think differently about them and may not be friends with them if theyre a bully. Some of the things they say or do can stick around with that person for forever. Even if the bully stops, they will always remember what happened and will be scarred for life.

By: Sam

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A Real Story

Posted: 5/17/2011

well... my story is a little bit sad and at the same time it´s real.

In second year of high school i made a friendship between a sweet and sociable girl. among that year, she started to make new friends and socialize with them... but then, many friends started to tell me that she was talking very bad of myself and telling lies; ok, i mean that she told them that i was talking bad things of them... she made my life a complete disaster! i was definitely bad at that point that i didn't want to return to that school ever! well, time passed and started third year of high school... she started to make friendship with the worst person i´ve ever met... well, they (according to the meaning you already gave to me of cyber bullying) bullied me with a very popular internet side called Facebook. They put a lot of stupid commentaries, trying to make me feel bad; and actually they got it. They are best friends.... and until now they try to make me feel like the worst woman in the world... but now my personality started to become better each day! i´m stronger now. in that times, i cried everyday asking myself WHY ME?

By: Gaby

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