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I Am Me

Posted: 5/13/2011

Hello my name is Mackenzie, I am in 6th grade and this my story.

In 4th grade, I had a friend who told me something I thought wasn't appropriate for our age. Of course, I told my mom what she said my mom called the girls mother. After that day, she treated me differently. She would do things like, step on my foot, shove me in the hallways, steal my notebook, and write things on my desk. Things in fifth grade didn't get any better,  the bully started picking on my friend, for being my friend. My mom had called the bully's mother, again and the school, but it didn't  get anywhere until, my mom pulled me out of school and began researching our school policies.  My mom found out that the school didn't take proper notes of the incident and rallied with other parents to pressure the Board of Education to place the policy to protect kids from bullying in our school system. It's been a slow process but I did return to school after 2 months, I wasn't going to let the bully ruin my last year in elementary.  Since then things have been good, I entered the 5th grade talent show and met a musicproducer that I have been working with. I still go to school with the bully and she doesn't bully me any more.

From this experience I have learned, to be strong and confident in who I am  I know that I can do anything I set my mind to and I want the people that hear my song "I am me", to feel the same way. I have attached my song...
Hope you like it!

Sincerely, Mackenzie

By: Mackenzie

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This is a great song about being ok with who you are!

A Mother's Story

Posted: 5/13/2011

My daughter has Asperger Syndrome, which means she had a hard time making friends at school because she doesn't understand social nuance very well. Seven years ago, when she was in 10th grade, a teacher left the room and a bunch of popular girls in the back of the class started talking very loudly. When my daughter turned around to look at them the leader of the girls yelled, "What areyou looking at?"

The room got very quiet because everyone was expecting my daughter to act embarassed.

My daughter may not have the greatest social skills but she also doesn't worry too much about whether or not she's popular. In addition, she has a great sense of humor.  So when the mean girl shouted out to her, she just smiled a big smile and loudly responded, "You!  I'm looking at you!  'Cause you're so pretty!"

The leader turned beet red as the rest of the class burst out laughing at her. She even started hitting her friends and saying, "Stop laughing!" which made everyone laugh even more.

PS: My daughter never did become popular with most of the school but she never felt bad about it because she developed her own circle of close friends.

By: Jackie

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Sing To The Lost

Posted: 5/13/2011

I decided to send in a poem that I've written. Fortunately I haven't had to endure much bullying in my life so far, probably because I've been home schooled since 6th grade. However I feel that I have a responsibility to support others who are having to deal with bullying. I went to elementary school with a few kids who were tormented on a regular basis, and really wish I had had the confidence and courage to stick up for them. I'm very passionate about writing, and my main goal is to inspire and help others with what I do. For this reason I wanted to send in an original poem about bullying and just pressure in general that everyone seems to go through. If I can inspire even just one person with this, that would amazing.


Sing to the Lost

Beautiful people,
You were not meant to endure these tragedies
Smoke from each fire clouds your memories of joy in the past
Loss and gain,
Hazy days
They will not be all that is left in the end
Miracles of love are working now
You're watching and waiting for a day to be saved
Taken away from the misery forced upon you
Even though you need the most,
You're not asking for much
A stable shoulder,
A steady hand
Anything to keep you from being knocked down once again
Tell the lonely to never stop believing
Sing to the lost and maybe they'll find their way back
Leave your burdens where you found them
They don't need anything else to carry
Catch your doubts before they spread too far
Their hearts don't have room for another scare
Let's pick up our selflessness before we all fall apart

By: Sara

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I Hurt, I Cry, I Run, I Hide

Posted: 5/13/2011

It Hurts When You Just Stand And Watch,
When You Don't Do Anything About It Because,
I Hurt I Cry I Run I Hide,
Nothing Seems To Help And I Don't Know Why,
I'm Crying Out For Help And Don't Realize It,
Do You See How This Effected Me...Is It Worth It?
I Want Someone Do Reach Out And Feel My Pain,
Can You Make This Misery Go Away?
Can We Make A Difference And Let It Shine?
Bullying Can Stop If You Do The Right Thing And Try,
I Know It Hurts I Know It Can Be A Lot,
If You Don't Do Anything It Will Be Like A Time Bomb Ready To Pop,
You Can Act Now And Start Hurrying,
Please Stop Bullying.

By: Anonymous

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You Will Feel Better

Posted: 5/13/2011

I have been bullied before. I was the new girl in my middle school (which was many years ago), and for some reason a girl who I never met before decided she wanted to pick on me. What she and some of my other classmates did was a lot emotional bullying. After dealing with it for several months, I reached my breaking point and told my mom about it.

She encouraged me to talk to my teacher to see how I could resolve this problem, and I'm glad I did. For once, I felt powerful over the people who once thought picking on me was "fun" and counted it as a major victory. Cheesy, I know, but that's what it felt like for me. So to the people who are dealing with being bullied, you need to stand up for yourself--NEVER stoop down to the bullies' level. When they tell you "You're stupid", "You'll never be able to do that" or anything that brings down your self-confidence, tell yourself that you are capable of doing anything no matter what they say.

If the bullying gets to a point when you can't take it anymore, please go to talk to a trusted adult for help. Once when you get the help you need, you'll feel so much better about yourself."

By: Justine

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Take Action!

Posted: 5/13/2011

"I know what it feels like. You are not alone. Talk to someone. Things will improve. Be strong!"

By: Laura

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Teens Around The World

Posted: 5/13/2011

I've been bullied since i was 4 years old . .because of being different totally different.. people call me crazy, annoying, dumbed, white, fat and stupid,.. until now, they don't know how much it really hurts me... whenever i go they're laughing at me. but then this i find this really help me a lot. i feel welcome. this movement really saves teens who were bullied... they have the chance to be cared and LOVED... i know all the people here in the world specially teens will surely appreciate it..because no one deserves to be bullied right?!!

By: Luzelle From The Phillipines

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Posted: 5/13/2011

"My friend gets bullied sometimes and she recently cut herself because she lost her best friend and she got scarred for life by what she said "i'm done with you" that hurt her alot. She'd say things were fine but i could tell things weren't. I would love to join the movement and support those who are bullied

By: Allison

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A Girl From France

Posted: 5/13/2011

Bullying I suffered for six years and each year has worsened, Were 6 years of playing, horrible names, and were always angry with me, not for a reason, I am Brazilian, but live in France with my mother, even here the jokes have not finish, course, are much smaller, but still, Some days I do not eat because I don't want to be alone in the cafeteria, I've had suicidal thoughts, and already cut myself several times, now I've got used to it, when I'm sad, I listen believe in me multiple times, and cry especially in this part "the mirror can lie...", this song touches me, I love her, she very beautiful, is all I'm feeling, every day before going to school, I write "stay strong" on my wrist, it helps me face the day!

By: Gabriele

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Changing A Life, Can Change Yours

Posted: 5/10/2011

After my parents found out I was joining in with others to bully and they had me talk to my brother my mom sat me down to talk more. She told me I was one of the popular kids and among them I was a natural leader and well respected. She told me that was a powerful place to be and I had the ability to influence my friends in another direction. I knew she was right and I stood up for him, talked to my friends about what we were doing and everything changed for that boy. We are now friends and he is now a part of the "in crowd" with me.

I am pretty sure it changed his life but, I know it changed mine. I've seen the power of influence I have with my friends and know others share the same ability.

More kids need to step up and when we do bullying stops. It's important to be a good role model and that starts at home with parents who pay attention and point you in the right direction not just let you keep being a kid. We don't know what we're doing and sometimes we need the adults to point out we're going about it wrong.

I once asked my mom to call the teacher and have me moved because I was seated next to the kid with a disability who constantly frustrated and distracted me. As I complained she said, "He sounds just like your brother and I believe you already have the skills to deal with that." Then she told me I was a natural leader and I was going to have to learn how to deal with all personality types.

She sat with me to trouble shoot my frustrations offered suggestions and I told her what I thought might work. We focused on the other boys strengths. I am gifted and used my strengths to help him and brought out his strengths. She told me to try these things and if in two weeks things weren't better we could switch seats but, I would have to make this request of the teacher, myself. After two weeks she checked in with me and I told her there was no need to move my seat. He doesn't frustrate me anymore and I now kinda like sitting with him and working with him.

More parents should give good advice and help troubleshoot with their kids before jumping the gun.

By: Anonymous

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