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Why I'm Wearing Orange - Episode 6

Why I'm Wearing Orange - Episode 6

Unity Day is right around the corner on October 24th. The call to action is simple: wear and share the color orange! For this week's episode of PACERTalks About Bullying, we asked PACER staff to share why they will be wearing orange for Unity Day. Share your reason with us below!

  • Author: NBPC
  • Duration: 1:55 minutes
  • Date Posted: 10/10/2018

Series: PACERTalks About Bullying - Season 2

We are thrilled to return for another season with more videos featuring interviews, stories, and informational content. New this season will be the feature “Ask Us” in which we will respond to questions from students around the world.


>> Hey, there. Welcome to "PACER Talks about Bullying." I'm Bailey. We're glad you're here.

Unity Day is just around the corner, on Wednesday, October 24th, and the call to action is simple. Wear and share the color orange. Now there's lots of reasons to get involved, but in today's episode, we had some of PACER staff share with you the reason why they'll be wearing orange on Unity Day. Now let's get into the episode.

>> I'm going to wear orange for Unity Day, because everyone deserves to feel safe at school.

>> To show that I'm united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

>> I want to send the message that bullying is never okay.

>> It makes a powerful statement without saying a word.

>> I want everybody to be kind to each other, and I want everyone included.

>> Because no one ever deserves to be bullied.

>> I want students who have been bullied to know they are not alone.

>> This is one step I can take to help create a world without bullying.

>> It makes a statement: we don't tolerate bullying.

>> I believe no child should ever experience bullying.

>> I care, because I have kids in school.

>> Bullying is something that our society needs to talk more about, now.

>> As you can see, there's lots of reasons why someone might get involved for Unity Day. It's important to know that whatever your reason is, your actions can make a difference. Now, we want to hear from you. Why are you wearing orange on Unity Day? Comment down below. Well, that wraps up this week's episode of PACER talks about bullying. Thanks so much to all the amazing PACER staff that shared their answers. We'll see you right back here next week, and remember, together we can help create a world without bullying. See you.