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A Look Back at 2018 - Episode 16

A Look Back at 2018 - Episode 16

Happy 2019! In this week’s episode of PACERTalks About Bullying, we wanted to recap a few exciting highlights from 2018, as well as share a few things to expect in this new year. Join us right back here next week for another episode and let’s continue uniting for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion in 2019!

  • Author: NBPC
  • Duration: 4:16 minutes
  • Date Posted: 1/2/2019

Series: PACERTalks About Bullying - Season 2

We are thrilled to return for another season with more videos featuring interviews, stories, and informational content. New this season will be the feature “Ask Us” in which we will respond to questions from students around the world.


>> Hey there, welcome back to PACERTalks about Bullying, and Happy New Year. My name's Bailey [assumed spelling], and we're so glad you're here.

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2018 was an awesome year here at PACERS National Bullying Prevention Center and we are so excited for everything that's to come in this brand new year. In this week's episode we thought we'd share a few of our favorite things and highlights from last year, as well as share a few things to expect in 2019. With that being said, let's get into the episode.

The first exciting highlight is that we launched a new event kit focused on helping to create a world without bullying. This kit is perfect to use in your school, or community, or business, to educate individuals on the role we all play in creating a kinder, more inclusive and accepting world. It has everything from decals and posters, brochures, pretty much everything that you need to hold an awesome event in one box. Since launching this event kit in September, we've mailed out over 400 kits, all around the country. Our next highlight has to do with classroom resources.

As we continue to share tools to use in your school or community, you really continue to use them to make a positive impact. For example, one of our tools is a yearlong curriculum called All In, which is about addressing and preventing bullying throughout the entire school year. In 2018, over 1700 individuals registered for All In, with a goal of all of their students being included, invested, and involved in bullying prevention. How awesome is that?

The third highlight has to do with Unity Day, which is our signature event during National Bullying Prevention Month. Unity Day is held on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of October. So last year it was October 24th, and the call to action is simple, wear and share the color orange. It's one of our favorite events here at PACER backs we get to see how creative schools, communities, businesses, individuals, get to raise awareness about this important issue. To help support all of the amazing efforts around the country, we have free resources, such as our Unity Day posters which we mail out. Last year we mailed out over 13,000 posters all around the country.

And finally, the last exciting highlight from 2018, which you will also see a lot of this year and going forward, is that we have a new, updated tagline. When we first started working on this issue in 2006, we really wanted an action statement that would get individuals thinking about the role that they play in bullying prevention. With that idea in mind, our original tagline was "the end of bullying begins with you." As we've evolved as an organization and as this issue has evolved, we wanted to update our tagline so it better reflected the work that we do here at PACER, but also reflected the amazing work of our audience, because what we know is, when we're united in our actions, we can have a more positive outcome. With this idea in mind, we evolved our tagline to "together we can create a world without bullying." we hope you love it just as much as we do.

Well, 2018 was a year for the books. We're so excited for everything to come in 2019 so we can continue supporting you and your efforts. For example, one thing to look forward to is right here in this video series, PACERTalks about Bullying. This year we'll be launching a new feature called "Ask Us," where we answer questions from students all around the country. If your students want to be involved, all you have to do is email us a video of their question or just the question to, [email protected], its listed right here, and they'll have the chance to be featured in one of our upcoming videos. You won't want to miss everything that we have planned this year.

That's all that we have for this week's episode, but we'll see you right back here nation week, and remember, together we can create a world without bullying. See ya!

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