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 I care because we all have feelings. Nobody should be bullied for how they look, live, or for being themselves, or for anything. Nobody is perfect, but everyone is human, and nobody deserves to be hurt. Everybody deserves to have respect, confidence, and the right to be themselves. 

Alana - 14 - Pennsylvania

I never been bullied but I want bullying to end for all.

Nusrat - 8 -

I care because sometimes I get bullied.

- 23 -

I care because I've felt it my whole life and it really hurts my feelings.

Trey - 13 - Alabama

I would hate for anyone else to feel the way that I did for so many years in school. It truly sucked and everyone should have a chance to enjoy their childhood. Its time for people to use kindness to make themselves feel better not hate.

Jasmen - 17 - DE

people shouldnt always get picked on how they looked like

jzzania - 13 - houston,texas

I care because i've read all of these other comments and i've cried my last tear because not only have i got bullied but i've bullied people. Some of the people i have bullied those people did the same thing some of the people in the comments has done but they have cut themselves, or even killed themselves. I care because bullying is not okay, people being bullied breaks my heart and now I will become one of those people who will break this awful chain of disapointment and dispair i'm not just going to be a bystander.        

Shelby - 12 - ALABAMA

I have a Granddaughter that has been a victim of bullying, not just from students, but from also a teacher. Thats also can wreck a Childs life, but that really goes ignored by Schools. They always can make a excuse if you try to say a teacher is actually bullying your child, ( and they do it way to much) . I just wish there was anything i could do to feel I could help with this sad situation. There is not enough attention put on it, not in our situation anyway.It has brought my beautiful Granddaughter so many emotional problems. Shes is actually scared to death to go to School.

Julie - 49 - Alabama

I care because kids all around the world are getting bullied and no one wants to help out.

Alexia - 15 - New Jersey

I was bullied for 7 years and it damaged me emotionally and I probably always carry the emotional damage they inflicted. No one deserves to feel like they are lesser or as if they don't matter. Everyone matters.

Alaniz - 18 - Arizona

Lots of children from around the world gets bullied and I am one of them and I want to help other people get through tough times because it's not right. I would like to share a poem with you guys to show that your not alone. Open your heart to the peace of love and harmony, Open your mind to somewhere magical filled with love and delight. Open your mind to the innocent laugh and the innocent kind hearts. Open your mind to the joy of happiness. Open your mind to trust and to forgive. Open your mind to the sweetness and hope. Amen. 
Thank you for reading hope this helps

Kamaria - 14 - London

I was bullied from 4th grade up till now, and i know how hard it is to deal with. Being laughed at every day at school, being called horrible names (that I won't repeat); having garbage thrown at you, people calling you "ugly". It destroys your mind, and affects your outlook on life. Honestly, it helps to do your best to ignore it. Bullies are insecure, so they make others feel like crap. Some of them ave problems as well, they just lay their problems on us. It is important to realize it will pass. It will always pass. You need to stay as strong as you can.Talk to someone, write in a journal. Do not bully back, be as nice as you can to them so they will stop. I hope this helps somebody.

Hanna - 14 - Rochester, Pennsylvania.

There are people who wake up each morning with dread, scared to go to school because they fear what might happen. Will they be teased on the bus? Kicked down in the hallway? They won't know till the go and find out. It hurts them emotionally and physically when they enter a building they no longer feel safe in. They may feel as if they have no one to talk to or rely on. So when you ask me why I care. Just remember that your best friend could be the person I'm talking about. Or even you. It is a choice to be a bully. It was never a title to deserve. Be the best person you can be.

Ryan - 16 - Iowa

I have been bullied, I have dealt with the pain.. I have been called things, I have been pushed around and I have first hand cried myself to sleep at night. I will not tolerate anyone who bullies others.

Kaitlyn - 17 - Minnesota

    I care because I have been bullied in the past. I still go to school with the girls it's not as bad as it was because I told on them but it still hurts to look at them because the memories really hurt. The bullying got so bad at one point that I started hating myself and that led me to start doing bad habits and that just made it all worse. I felt like no one cared when in reality people did care. Bullying is a close subject to my heart because I know how it feels and its not easy. No One deserves to be bullied! Thats why we (this generation needs to make a change!) I believe we can do it if we work together. '')

Salma - 14 - Riyadh

I care because I have a lot of friends that got bullied and I stood up for them and I get teased for it and get called names from a lot of people and I'm trying a lot of ways to stop bullying, All the time when I see someone getting pushed around or being called something that is not nice I report it and I have been awarded at my school for the most person who stood up and I did not want the award because I am doing what I want to stop. (Before you say something or do something to someone think of what you would feel like if you got called that or if someone did that to you.)    

Evelyn - 13 - wisconsin

I have seen bullying everywhere I go, and have even been bullied myself. It's a terrible feeling and I don't wish that upon even the worst people in the world. When someone is bullied they fell weak, useless, worthless, and a waste of space. People don't understand just how much they can effect a person. I simple joke could ruin someone's life because the person the played the joke on took it seriously and committed suicide. No one truly knows what goes on when someone isn't in public, they could be abused, homeless, dealing with a sick relative, or even sick themselves. We shouldn't be so judgmental towards others over silly gossip or how a person dresses. We should either leave them alone, or actually talk to them to get to know them. Bullying should have never existed in the first place and completely disgusts me to hear and see others being treated badly over nothing.

Mya - 16 - West Virginia

I wasn't just bullied up until 7 grade but also my friends were bullied let me say not the best experience I kept all my emotions to myself and painted on an ok face I was also cyber bullied over winter break i started to cut I finally stopped because my friend said it was ok to be me I then it was the time were I found out my sexuality I'm bisexual and then I started liking my friend I still like her but point is if you see someone getting bullied be an upstandered be a thermostat not a thermometer again point is don't be the bully.

Emily - 13 - Minnesota

I know how it feels i was bullied since kindergarten all the way tru high school i was the girl that would sit in the bathrooms just waiting for the bell to ring to go back to class or to go home i was called disgusting names i was laughed at and even punched and it hurts just to think that anyone out there is going tru what u went tru no kid deserves to eat alone to cry in the bathrooms no kid deserves to be called fat or ugly or any mean names. No kid deserves to get beat up just because they are different! There were several times that i wanted to kill myself because of what i went tru everyday at school but thank god that i love living that i never did it now im happily married and i have a 5 yr old daughter that is in kindergarten  who i ask everyday how her day went? Was anyone mean? Was she mean to anyone? I ask questions and i explain to her that no one deserves to get bullied that we need to show respect and kindness to EVERYONE! I have hope that bullying will end!!!

Adriana - 28 - Az

I have been bullied because my love for anime is "too extreme". People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgements of "normies". Thanks to PACER's, I have been able to feel accepted.

Kakashi - 17 - Los Angeles

all the time i see bulling and all we have to do is to stand up for each other and also put an END TO IT never be alone.
for the people who was bullied we all can hear you and you are not alone

deanna - 13 - wny

Bullying is wrong. If you bully then nobody will be friends with you.
If your being bullied you should never bully back.

Raymond - 10 - Ohio

I have been bullied my whole life. When I was young I never told anyone, family or friends, it sure hurt my self esteem later in life. Due to my bullying I have a hard time socially. Please , if you are being bullied, tell someone, they may not be able to do anything, but at least they will know and can help you get through the pain with love. When I was bullied in elementary school there was a janitor named Mr. Jones who helped me out of some bad bully situations, he could have turned away. If you see someone being bullied, please help them. Thanks.

Warn - 44 - Virginia

I care because I know what it feels like to be bullied because I was once bullied and it is not a good feeling. I care because I am here for support and I think everyone should feel appreciated and loved.

Aaliyah - 14 - Georgia

This is ridiculous conduct. And never accepted. Its got to stop: the cruelty and violence. It destroys lives both physically and mentally. 

Annett - 52 - fl

I know what it feels like. STAND UP TO BULLYING NOW

Ava - 10 - ohio

I know what it is like to be bullied in high school. Not physically. It got to the point where this girl was saying things to me that I could never repeat, and it went so far that I did not feel comfortable going to class. I NEVER want anyone to have that feeling of being unsafe or scared to go to school. I know that feeling and just knowing that kids go through worse acts of bullying scares me. What is the world coming to?

Kelsey - 19 - Arizona

you never really know what is going on in someone else's life & bullying whoever only adds on to whatever situation they're going through. 

Danielle - 16 - South Carolina

My little brother has been bullied ever since he started school he is now in third grabe its hard coming home to him crying. One day he came home saying he was sick me and my mom immientlie knew that something was wrong turned out that his so "friend" had been kicking and picking on him just because of his speach problems so we went to go talk to the principle and the kids parents the parents just kept defending their son and said well my son would never do that and said are you sure your brother is not just trying to get my kid in trouble for nothing and we knew he wasnt, after they said that the principle thought that my brouther was lying so the principle did nothing. My brother is nnow at a new school and doing a lot better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Victoria - 11 - California

I was bullied in elementary school and middle school. It was a very hard time for me and I felt so lonely. But recently I joined Unify Against Bullying ! Check it out and do the unify selfie challenge ! It's a great program.

Rae - 17 -

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